Huawei P30: Highlights & Caveats

With Huawei being banned from doing business with the USA and other major tech companies, you might be asking if it is still worth it to invest in their devices. Huawei recently launched a new line of phones, the P30. The P30 comes in three series; the P30 lite, P30, and P30 Pro. The P30 Pro might be a tad bit expensive; at $869, it’s insane. The flagship sensor is irresistible, though. Now you find yourself looking at its sibling, the P30 which is priced at $500 range. It may be banned in the USA but it is still available in other countries. Is Huawei P30 still a worthy investment or does it fall flat? It’s time to find out.

Build & Design

Let’s start with the construction of this device. At the back, you will see the triple camera configuration embedded on the glass panel. With the back made of glass, it is a definite smudge magnet, so you better use the case it comes along with. Even so, it is easy to grasp, it doesn’t feel slippery. It also has a decent weight to it, giving it that premium feel.

On the left side is the dual nano sim card tray (one slot usable for MicroSD expansion). The power and volume buttons are on the other side. The buttons are easy to press.  At the bottom, there is a USB-C port as well as speakers. Huawei also decided to keep the headphone jack.

The device has an IP53 rating, not as high as that of the Pro variant. This still offers some protection against dust and scratches. It comes in four styles: Black, Pearl White, Aurora, Amber Sunrise, Breathing Crystal

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At the front, the dewdrop notch will catch your attention. This houses the single 32 MP camera. The display is 1080p OLED with a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. This makes the colours punchy and the images crisp. The blacks are nice too look at. The panel is also large at 6.1”.


HiSilicon Kirin 980, Huawei’s latest chipset, powers P30. It also comes in 6 GB and 8 GB RAM. The internal storage is 128 GB, already pretty large for a smartphone. If you need some more storage, you can always expand via MicroSD.

P30 will give you a snappy experience whenever you switch from one app to another. The battery life is also pretty good, with 3650 mAh for your consumption. This should be enough to get you through the day with light to moderate use.


The highlight of this device is, of course, the camera. Unlike the quad-camera set-up of its Pro sibling, P30 has a triple camera. It lacks the time of flight sensor P30 Pro has. This doesn’t mean P30 is lacking in the camera department. It is excellent in daylight and low light conditions. Huawei also made an impressive camera software to augment the powerful sensors.

Nighttime shots are great

Now, you might be wondering if you should buy this device in the midst of the Huawei ban. Well, yes. There is no need to worry since all existing Huawei devices will still enjoy Google’s services. In a side-by-side comparison, P30 Pro will definitely take the spotlight. Treating it as a separate device though, P30 proves to be an excellent choice. P30 does retail for $537. You can buy Huawei P30 on the Huawei website or through Amazon.

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Overall, the P30 is a great device and the price is reasonable for its specs. The camera, which is its highlight, is really impressive. The battery is also great along with its performance. Perhaps, the great catch really is about the software updates. Since it might be banned completely from Android and Google’s services, many consumers are reluctant to invest in Huawei’s devices. The ban is still on hold for 90 days. With that grace period, we can’t really know what will happen given that the state of Trump’s administration is so volatile and easy to change. If you have the money to spare and you really want the device, then go for it. Otherwise, waiting and seeing what turns out after the 90-day ban is lifted won’t hurt.

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