A 4-Step Guide To Carnivore Diet In 2021

Carnivore Diet, a trend started by Shawn baker- a multisport athlete and medical doctor- that became an internet sensation in the year 2018 has not yet lost the momentum; rather it would not be wrong to say it is actually escalating with more and more people joining the carnivore-community.

The carnivore diet is said to have its roots in the belief that our ancestors survived majorly on a non-vegetarian diet and that it made them better equipped to combat the then harsh weather conditions and enemy attacks. A row has drawn between Vegans and Non-vegetarian junkies over the health implications of the carnivore diet. However, before moving towards the conclusion of the debate let us see what exactly a carnivore diet is

What is a Carnivore Diet?

A carnivore diet is a restrictive diet that allows the consumption of only non-vegetarian food such as fish, meat, egg, animal fat, and dairy products only. It eliminates every other food item including staple food and also dairy products with high lactose percentages for low-carb balance. Also known as Animal-Sourced Food (ASF) as it completely excludes plant food, the carnivore diet is the exact opposite of a Vegan Diet. It is often considered an upgraded version of keto and paleo diets.

While the credibility of a carnivore diet is still flimsy, there are personal accounts of people who have greatly benefited from it. One such example is that of a Canadian lady, Mikhaila Peterson who had juvenile rheumatoid arthritis that lead to three joint replacements along with anxiety and depression issues which were all cured by a simple food-elimination exercise that landed her on the carnivore diet that comprised of only beef and water. 

Benefits of Carnivore Diet

Similar to other regulated diets, it helps you to shed quicker by switching to fats from carbs for energy. Another benefit of cutting down carbs from your diet is that it curbs inflammation that reduces the pain perception of our body. Other than that it helps to clear the mental fog that arises due to high carbohydrate intake.

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Having discussed the benefits, let us now formulate a modern guide to the carnivore diet that can be followed in 2021 to experience these benefits.

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4 Step Guide to a Carnivore Diet

Getting started with a carnivore diet is no big deal since all you have to eat is meat but like all other new missions, the first few days are hard. Nevertheless, once you get a knack of it, there is no looking back.

So let us begin!

01. Get the Medical Check-ups Done

First and foremost get some basic blood tests done before you begin with this diet. This is to ensure you have proper data to compare your post-carnivore-diet with. Metabolic needs are very sensitive and subjective. It differs from person to person and since the carnivore diet is an extremely restrictive diet plan, it might not suit everyone. So you must take note if it is working for you or not.

02. Include as Many Varieties as Possible

Since you are already signing up for a restrictive diet, don’t just stick to a few items from the menu. Try and add as many items as you could on your platter. You could even try experimenting with your taste buds. Apart from basic meat, fish and egg, you could try your buds at bone marrow (animals’ of course 😉 ), lard, grease, hard cheese, and heavy cream. This will ensure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients that your body requires to function well.

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03. Be careful of What Not to Eat

Contrary to popular belief, the carnivore diet does not allow for all sorts of meat. For example, low-grade meat is strictly not allowed on the list. In order to ensure that you are availing maximum benefits from the carnivore diet, you should always look for good quality meat especially that which is grass-fed and pasture-raised. Apart from that, you must be careful about your meat source. Don’t risk it buying from just another store. Do exhaustive research on the best-selling meat shops in your vicinity. For example, one of the prominent names in this industry is that of Cratejoy. It has a wide variety of food providers that ship all across the United States. It has been thoroughly reviewed and reformed. You can check more on this page.

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04. Draw up a Proper Plan

Carnivore Diet is similar to all other diets in that it involves drawing up an intensive plan and strictly adhering to it. Plan out an entire week’s diet and follow it religiously. For breakfast, you could opt for poached eggs, chicken livers, scrambled eggs, feta cheese omelet, etc. then in lunch go for something more fulfilling such as chicken thighs, salmon, fried pork, chicken tenders, tuna, and turkey burgers followed by a light snack and then dinner.
You will certainly feel visible improvements within some weeks if you follow the guide sincerely. Be prepared mentally to experience some massive fluctuations in your diet but as you proceed the body will adjust itself. There might be times when you might feel like giving up in between, but have faith in the procedure. Good things take time!

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