7 Latest News In The Gaming Industry

When it comes to video games, there is so much changing and evolving that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with everything in the industry. It is going to be a big year for games, with some big releases over the summer and the eventual release of the new generation consoles coming later this year. Here are some of the latest news of updates revolving around some of the bigger names in games and consoles.

PS5 updates

There is new information coming in terms of new generation consoles. Sony leads the way with news about their new PS5 console, commenting about how the console will be fast. And by fast, they are saying 100 swings faster than the older console. They are highlighting a solid-state drive being a key component in the system that will drastically cut down game load times, increase the resolution of the quality, and make traversing large worlds much smoother. This will naturally build up the excitement for the new consoles set to release later on in the year.

Video games are booming

April 2020 has marked a record high for April months with 1.5 billion in hardware software and card sales, 77% up from the last April in 2019. Sales were led by Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, and Animal Crossing.

With the gaming hobby alive and well, there is no reason to short yourself on any of your accessories, ranging from your screens and computers or consoles, down to your mouse pads. You might as well splurge a bit when it comes to gaming if you are spending enough time and money on it anyway. The hobby, the whole industry is very much alive and well. And although the numbers may be boosted due to the current situation with everyone at home, the industry as a whole looks to be steady even in this rough climate.

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Microsoft updates

Not to be left behind, there is news from Microsoft that Halo will be highlighting their roster of first-party games upon their new console release. 343, the publisher behind their AAA title, confirms Halo infinite will be a part of the Xbox 20/20 event that is set to take place in July. gaming channels are anticipating that the event will showcase gameplay footage of the hotly anticipated title. This news is surely going to keep Microsoft competitive in the console wars set to take off later this year.


Call Of Duty News

With Call Of Duty’s popularity, there is some big news coming out on the COD fronts. It sounds like the new Call of Duty is going to be focused on the Cold War, and be under publisher Treyarch. The game will be released under the Black Ops franchise, which has split Call of Duty between two publishers. If you are a fan of the franchise, there is more than enough content to hold you over with Modern Warfare, constant updates to Warzone, and even the remaster of Modern Warfare 2.

Valorant getting a full official release on June 2nd

Many players and streamers have commented on the game looking and feeling like a mix of counter-strike and overwatch. It looks like there will be a new map released separate from the current map, as well as a new operator, so there is plenty to be excited about. It is still to be determined how it is received and there will be balancing issues that will need to be worked out in the first few days of the release.

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Ubisoft takes AreaF2 offline

Ubisoft threatens to sue Google and Apple over mobile game AreaF2. Ubisoft made news with this mobile game that appeared to look very similar to Rainbow Six Siege. There are speculations that these demands and legal issues have arisen because Ubisoft plans to release their mobile port of their hit shooter game. Many players had even thought that the mobile game was a direct port because of how similar it appeared to Rainbow Six. The game has since been removed from Google and Apple stores, while the studio has not mentioned much aside from them working on updates. It is likely to find its way back to mobile with new visuals and skins to avoid any legal problems.

There is always more news on the horizon to be aware of – whether you are highly anticipating the new consoles or just enjoying the hottest games of the summer with some Animal Crossing or Final Fantasy, or just playing some older games that have piled up in your library. There is plenty to look forward to in the gaming horizons.

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