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How To Travel Around The City For Less

Getting around a major city centre can be very expensive – especially if you’re doing it day-in, day-out for months on end. Take steps to lower your travel costs and you might save yourself hundreds, or even thousands, every year. In many cases, you’ll be reliant on driving around the congested and polluted streets of the city. But cities have invested heavily in public transport systems for decades, so what ways can you change your travel behaviour to save you some money?

Change your Driving Behaviour

If you rely on driving to get from A to B then it is important to save money where you can. The way that you drive will play a significant role in determining the amount that driving ultimately costs you. Frequent braking and speeding will wear both your tyres and your engine. Similarly, driving on under-inflated (or over-inflated) tyres will reduce grip and limit your fuel economy. Simply driving sensibly can, in the long run, help you to save a great deal. Keeping on top of preventative maintenance, like tyre-inflation and oil-changing, can also reap rewards.

When you do need to invest in replacement components for your car, it’s worth doing some research to establish whether you’re really getting a good deal. Among the most frequently-replaced and most costly parts are tyres – but cheap tyres can be found online! You’ll just need to find someone to fit them.

Invest in alternative transport

Whether you live or work in the city, it might be worth questioning whether you really need a car at all. Electric scooters and bicycles might do the same job while conferring a number of advantages. They’re more environmentally friendly, produce zero emissions, help you to stay in shape and don’t require a parking permit. Cycling or scootering can save you significant amounts of money in the long term because you won’t need to buy fuel every week.

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Of course, if you don’t want to have to contend with a bicycle, then you might just as well walk or jog around the city. Buying some new comfy shoes or running trainer can be an effective way to incentivise walking and running, you never know you might find a new pastime.

Use public transport

Public transport also confers many of the same benefits – and it will save you the worry about parking costs, which can escalate quickly in a congested city centre. If you’re looking to save money on public transport, then you might look into buying in bulk. A season ticket can represent a substantial saving over the equivalent timeframe in single-day tickets.

Whether you want to save money on your commute or your general travels around the city, there a several ways you can cut costs and benefit yourself and the planet. Will you try one of these strategies?

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