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4 Reasons Why Getting Travel Insurance Is Important

Travel insurance is one of those things that we tend to gloss over. It’s just the extra clicks on our way to booking a great trip. It’s seen, by most people, as just an option–and a very loose option, at that. But what if you need it. That’s the question that nags at us throughout the whole purchasing process. What if we end up regretting ignoring the insurance offered? 

Well, according to real statistics, it’s probably a good idea for you to buy in. That’s not just some random false equivalent, too. The amount of tourists that get into compromising situations is beyond what you would expect. If you’re thinking of traveling anywhere, here are 4 reasons why you should get the insurance. It’s not just another sales pitch. 

Ticket Protection 

The primary reason for getting travel insurance isn’t due to some wild happenstance overseas. It could be as simple as having to rebook. Insurance is a broad term. There are different ways you can slice the pie. But the most important is one that covers the cost of your ticket. If you get Travel Insurance you’re completely covered for whatever comes your way. Your kid got sick? You can reschedule. Do you need to go someplace else on business? Protections are put in place for that. Insurance is a lifesaver when it comes to scheduling. Because realistically, how can we say we’ll be free 8 months out? We don’t know what the times will bring. Best to be insured. 

Health Issues and Prescriptions 

You can’t assume that your health insurance from home is going to work abroad. It will not. Nobody is going to look at your national health insurance card in Myanmar and say “Universal Healthcare? But of course!” No, you’re paying out of pocket. Having safeguards against some of the most pressing health concerns is the only way to make sure you have a safe and fruitful vacation. It also gives you the means to purchase your prescribed meds like Beta Blockers of Insulin abroad. 

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Embassy Can Only Do So Much 

Most embassies have very limited means of helping you. They can probably get you out of the country if you make it to the actual, physical place. But outside of that, it’s difficult for embassies to hold any kind of local authority in a foreign land. That’s without saying. So if you need any kind of emergency service, insurance is the way to go. Airlift? An intoxicated motorcycle crash in Thailand? Natural disaster? Insurance can cover that. 

It’s Inexpensive 

It isn’t that expensive. Have you thought about the cost to benefit? For an extra 5-10% on top of what you’re already paying, you can breathe easy. Think of all the headaches a good policy can solve. Wouldn’t you pay an extra 10% to just not have to think about the nonsense that comes your way? Yeah, we all would. But when it’s pitched to us as insurance, we somehow have pushback. It’s an odd thing. It’s best to just get the insurance. 

Above are the best four reasons for buying into a policy. That’s just the basics, too. There are a ton of ways insurance can help. How many people do you know have a scar that could have been avoided? Chances are you know at least one. It’s best to keep safe. It’s best to have peace of mind. Get insurance. 

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