30 Dec 2019

Why Do Traffic Jams Happen?

Road traffic can be viewed as a system the cars are flowing into. Traffic jams

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09 Oct 2019

Critical Factors For Mitigating Car Traffic In Cities

Car traffic is a very much present problem in almost all — if not all

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04 Jul 2019

4 Tips For Driving In San Diego

San Diego is certainly a beautiful place with plenty of great attractions, but even the

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28 Jun 2019

The Cities With The Worst Traffic Congestion

Traffic congestion is a problem of almost every city. Too many cars on the streets

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21 Aug 2018

Mitigating Road Risks In Growing Cities

As cities grow, the pressure on roads and its many users grows with it. According

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26 Jul 2018

‘This Waterfront Needs A Highway’: The Huge Mistakes Cities Keep Making

Why don’t cities learn from the mistakes others have made? We list the terrible ideas

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13 Mar 2017

Are You Aware Of The Low-Cost Solution to Traffic?

Instead of building expensive roads, we should be building housing that limits how far people

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13 May 2016

Journey Through 10 Amazing Underrated Scenic Drives

A great driving route doesn’t always have to mean an epic road trip. Get behind

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17 Mar 2016

The Proven & Obvious Benefits Of Selfless Driving For Less Traffic

It’s easy to see why motor cars are such a popular form of transport: they’re

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07 Mar 2016

20 Singaporean Street Names & The Fascinating Stories Behind Them

Stories of war and love and all sorts of interesting tales are littered all over

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23 Sep 2015

How Road Diet Works For Urban Mobility

Planner Jeff Speck leads a video tour of four different street redesigns. A road diet

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09 Sep 2015

How China’s Cities Can Curb Car Congestion

A century of car-centric urban development has left our cities polluted, congested and searching for

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01 Sep 2015

How Christchurch Returned The City To Its Cycling Roots

After the 2011 disaster, residents were asked what they wanted from the city once known

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27 Aug 2015

Life On The Slow Lanes In The U.S.

Traffic congestion nationally reached a new peak last year and is greater than ever before,

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21 Jul 2015

Where We Should And Shouldn’t Build Roads In The Future

“Road Map” shows where economic benefits from roads are as high as the danger they

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02 Jun 2015

The Shortest Paths To Happiness

Figuring out how to walk quickly from A to B is easy. Just plug two

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16 Apr 2015

Woonerf : Shared Streets Are Living Streets

The woonerf, or “shared street,” has made its way into U.S. cities. If you aren’t

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11 Apr 2015

The One Chart That Explains All Your Traffic Woes

When we build more roads, we invite more cars. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck

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10 Apr 2015

The Science Of Road Rage

Psychologists still don’t fully understand driving-related violence. But technology and improved transit infrastructure offer solutions

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26 Feb 2015

The Greening Of Hamburg’s Autobahns

Hamburg’s plan to hide its highway underground and cover it with green space will reconnect

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10 Feb 2015

Better Design For Saving Pedestrians

New York city police are stepping up efforts to rein in jaywalkers after cars struck

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