Tips to Increase your Chances of Winning at Escape from Tarkov

The first-person shooter game Escape from Tarkov is one where you play with several tactical elements. It focuses on long-term survival and thus, gets slightly challenging. It would be best if you get a hang of the strategies that will work well.

If you are a beginner who feels under confident when playing Escape from Tarkov, then you must get hold of the eft cheat. Gaining control over a win is not easy here, and thus, we will share multiple tips and tricks with you today. Read on so that you can sustain longer on the battlefield and transform into a pro player in no time.

Tips and tricks 

Learn the types of ammo you will use

The most crucial aspect of Escape from Tarkov is the ammo. The ammo gives weapon upgrades a specific level. But, remember, not all ammo functions on all sorts of weapons. Each weapon uses a particular kind of ammo. 

Check the ammo that goes well with your weapon. And utilize that ammo to garner the best wins. This way, you have a great arsenal to keep formidable opponents at bay. 

The enemy is your enemy, not your friend

In the game of Escape from Tarkov, you cannot underrate your enemy. Many players do take risky chances against their enemies but when you do so, calculate your risk. 

Your opponents should not spot you when you are moving in the game, or else at any moment they can launch an attack. You can defend yourself better when you are continuously moving and presuming that your enemy is way more skilled than you. 

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Practice well against the bots 

Practice makes perfect, and constant practice will make you get better at Escape from Tarkov. We suggest practicing offline against bots that are stronger in comparison to most beginner/mediocre players.

With bots, you can improve your gaming skills besides trying several gameplay options that are not practicable otherwise. Such an offline play will help you realize your strengths.

Heal your body parts first.

If you are hurt during the game, always focus on curing your thorax and head first, provided they are repairable. But, if your stomach is hurt, then heal it first or else a hurt stomach will dehydrate faster and make you underweight. Until the gut gets healed, your other skills may get badly affected as well.

Play all armed up!

If you are going all out, then do so with a few bare minimums. Buy a cheap helmet or vest and a decent gun because carrying no armor and only a gun will almost assure your death.

Use a secure container

A helpful hack is to utilize your secure container where you can guard your precious weapons. Depending on the game’s level, the container size will differ. As the game proceeds, you can personalize your EFT containers.

Store all your rare weapons in this secure container as it reserves the weapons even after you have been killed. You can use these weapons in future games.

Complete the quests 

Escape from Tarkov gives bonuses to players in its way. Quests are ways for quicker upgrades. When you complete the quests, you get rewards. We recommend completing maximum quests. That is because quests, apart from giving you prizes, improve and challenge your skills. 

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Stick to a single map

This game has many locations. And, like any first-person shooter, game maps form the core of Escape from Tarkov. If you are a novice, select a single place and stick to that. When you stick to a single map, you get better swiftly and explore every possibility of the map when playing

Later, you may also get well-versed with the game to catch opponents unprepared.

Throw grenades for distraction 

When you want more time to get away from the watchful eyes of your opponents, throw grenades to distract, we recommend throwing them in the opposite direction so that you can quickly get away.

SCAV runs 

The best element in the game of Escape from Tarkov is the friendly SCAV runs. When you are a SCAV, if you do not shoot, you will not get attacked by other SCAVs. If you command a SCAV through the feature of mumble, you can bait any SCAV for kills and make them come after you. 


Escape from Tarkov has tremendous depth. The minutest of details like how actively your headsets work, besides gun customization, can change your fate. We hope you find our strategies helpful and get better in no time. If you have any other practical techniques for us to know, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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