Popular UEFA Champions League Final Host Cities

The UEFA Champions League final is usually played in a neutral venue by the competition’s finalists to draw the curtain on the annual European football season. Although other stages of the competition are played on a double-legged home, and away basis, UEFA Champions League finals usually present both teams with equal opportunities to win the trophy, hence the choice of a neutral ground.

Every year, one of Europe’s top cities is selected by UEFA to host the UEFA Champions League final. Before the competition starts and champions league predictions today are reeled out, the location for the final match is already known. UEFA usually has alternative locations available to host the final match in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Over the years, some cities have proven to be iconic UEFA Champions League final locations. These cities have hosted some of the most memorable UEFA Champions League final events. UEFA has used them multiple times to host the final of the competition.

Top UEFA Champions League Final Host Cities

London, England

UEFA Champions League finals have been played in London’s Wembley stadium on multiple occasions. The city of London is one of Europe’s biggest footballing cities with a large number of local football fans. Wembley stands out as a top UEFA Champions League final host due to its capacity and modern facilities. Wembley hosted the UEFA Champions League final in 2011 and 2013. Wembley has hosted other UEFA competition finals besides the UEFA Champions League final.

Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the cities that has been privileged to host the finals of the UEFA Champions League in two different stadiums. The Santiago Bernabeu (home to Real Madrid) and the Metropolitano Stadium (home to Atletico Madrid) have hosted UEFA Champions League finals.

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Paris, France

The first final of the UEFA Champions League was played at the Parc des Princes in Paris on 13 June 1956. Interestingly, the Stade de France in Paris hosted the most recent final of the competition between Real Madrid and Liverpool on 28 May 2022. This makes Paris one of the iconic cities to have hosted UEFA Champions League finals in different stadiums.

Milan, Italy

The San Siro Stadium in Milan, Italy, is one of the iconic stadiums to have hosted UEFA Champions League final matches on multiple occasions. Milan is a popular city that attracts many tourists yearly, but bringing European club football’s biggest night to Milan is a different kind of experience for fans.


Many top cities across Europe have hosted UEFA Champions League finals in the past. Some of the cities that narrowly missed out on this list include – Munich, Germany; Rome, Italy; and Istanbul, Turkey.

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