Drive Sustainable Growth with Practical and Effective Climate Change Solutions

In 2019, carbon dioxide levels and greenhouse gases rose to new records, making it the second warmest year on record. It’s safe to say that increasing emissions, and propelled climate changes continue to severely affect the planet, disrupting national economies and affecting lives across the globe. The impact of climate change is evident with the changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and extreme weather events. 

Though the greenhouse gas emissions were projected to drop about 6 per cent in 2020 as travel was banned and the economy slowed down due to COVID 19 pandemic, the improvement was temporary. Instead, with the recovering economies,  the emissions have returned with levels even higher than before. Thus, it has never been more important to realise the importance of effective climate action solutions and the role they play in addressing climate emergencies and to save livelihoods. 

World Orders To Tackle The Challenges Of Climate Change

Paris Agreement is one of the global initiatives that aims to strengthen the global response to the threat of climate change by maintaining this century’s global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. 

In addition, the agreement aims to strengthen the abilities of countries to deal with the impact of climate change with the support of a new technology framework and a robust and enhanced capacity-building framework.

Broadly speaking, climate action solutions involve a two-pronged approach:

  • Stabilizing the levels and reducing emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, known as mitigation
  • Adapting to the climate change, which is already there in the pipeline, known as the adaption 
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As we all know, climate action targets cannot be achieved if everyone works at their own individual pace or work in an isolated manner. Instead, coordinated and collaborative efforts are required by everyone across the world, including the government, businesses and citizens. So let’s understand how can everyone contribute to achieving these targets. 

Climate Change Solutions: Role of Government

UN Secretary-General has mentioned about six climate change actions that governments can take for building back their economies and societies:

  • Green transition, the investments should cover and accelerate the decarbonization of all aspects of the economy for a significant impact, leaving no economic aspect behind. 
  • Green jobs and inclusive and sustainable growth
  • Creating a green economy by making people and societies more resilient via transition fair to all,  leaving no one behind.
  • Accelerating investment in sustainable climate action solutions. In addition, the fossil fuel subsidies should end, and polluters should pay for the pollution they create.
  • Confronting all climate risks
  • Cooperation, in order to make sure that no country succeeds alone, instead the world should progress as a whole.

Climate Change Solutions: Role of Businesses

  • Reducing emissions, businesses can begin this by setting emission targets and developing strategies to reduce emission levels from their operations, furnaces, vehicles, etc. 
  • Decarbonizing supply chain would deal with reducing the emissions throughout the supply chain while collaborating with the suppliers and customers.  
  • Integrating climate action in business strategies, which would include redesigning the industries and transforming business models in order to integrate climate action strategies and solutions 
  • Adopting energy-efficient and renewable sources
  • Taking the support of advanced technologies and digitalization to take decisions on the basis of real-time data and taking effective climate effective solutions.  
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Climate Change Solutions: Role of Individuals

  • Using energy wisely with the support of home automation systems, installing a programmable thermostat, etc. 
  • Getting charged up with renewables to participate in the climate change fight and adopting cleaner and healthier energy sources. This can make a significant difference in the energy efficiency of towns and cities. 
  • By converting your homes to sustainable homes

With such collaborative efforts of government, businesses and individuals, the pace of achieving the climate action targets would accelerate and give positive results, while leaving no one behind. 

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