Empowering Commerce: The Win-Win of Dynamic Currency Conversion

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How Dynamic Currency Conversion is simplifying international transactions for both customers and retailers.

In a world where global commerce is the norm, dealing with multiple currencies can be daunting. However, one strategy that has proven its worth in simplifying international transactions is Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Unpacking DCC

DCC is not a new financial innovation but an established payment method that retailers are increasingly adopting. It is an optional service offered at the point of sale, empowering customers to view the cost of their purchases in their home currency. This facility enables merchants to offer international customers a simple and transparent service that suits the customers, while simultaneously supplementing their margin through additional fees, without incurring any extra charges.

While DCC offers many benefits, addressing consumer concerns about hidden markups and uncompetitive currency conversion rates is crucial. Merchants offering DCC should partner with reputable payment processors offering a best-rate guarantee. Consumers should also check the rates at the point of sale and compare them with those provided by their card issuer to ensure a fair deal.

In this blog, we will explore the advantages of DCC for retailers and consumers, shedding light on how this service can positively impact businesses and enhance the customer experience.

Benefits to Retailers:

1)     Increased Revenue

DCC offers a profitable revenue stream to merchants. Each DCC transaction effectively contributes to merchant payback, as the terminal, rather than the bank, does the currency conversion; merchants profit from lower transaction fees. Savings resulting from these reduced fees can be reinvested in the business, fostering additional growth and profitability.

This potential is supported by our data assessment, revealing that among Tier 1 merchants—handling millions of transactions yearly—around 1% of consumers paying by card qualify for DCC. Assuming a conservative conversion rate of 25%, with one in four of these customers accepting the DCC offer, this data highlights the potential for significant financial gains.

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2)     Configuration

DCC has a clear advantage in how smoothly it fits into existing systems. Unlike other financial tools that may need extra infrastructure, DCC only needs configuration. This aspect simplifies the implementation process for merchants, eliminating the need for costly and time-consuming infrastructure upgrades.

3)     A Competitive Edge

Retailers must differentiate themselves to stand out. Offering DCC can be a unique selling proposition that sets a business apart from competitors. Attracting international customers with tailored payment options can give a retailer a distinct advantage and open doors to new customers, markets and opportunities. It can also be seamlessly implemented in the digital realm as eDCC, thereby establishing an all-encompassing omnichannel experience.

4)     Greater Customer Satisfaction

With DCC, customers gain the power to make informed decisions when selecting their preferred payment currency. As the terminal updates the currency conversion rates daily, it ensures that merchants and customers alike engage in transactions at the fairest and most attractive exchange rates. This automatic update provides a level playing field, enabling customers to confidently choose their payment currency while allowing merchants to offer competitive exchange rates.

Benefits to Consumers:

1)     Transparency and Convenience for Travellers

DCC provides transparency and convenience beyond what traditional foreign currency transactions can offer. When buying from a foreign country, customers know the exact amount they will pay in their home currency at the time of purchase, with no hidden markups and a best-rate guarantee. This transparency removes surprises and ensures a clear understanding of the expenses involved.

Moreover, real-time expenditure visibility also proves to be an invaluable tool for frequent business travellers. By implementing DCC, travellers can easily monitor and reconcile their spending without the delay associated with traditional statement delivery. This smooth and intuitive expense management system enables merchants to provide efficient financial transactions for their respected customers.

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2)     Preventing Double Conversion

Without DCC, customers might face a two-step currency conversion process. For instance, if a customer uses a credit card from their home country for an international purchase, the transaction could first change to the local currency and then back to the home currency by the issuing bank. This double conversion can result in extra fees and unfavourable exchange rates. DCC eliminates this dual conversion, ensuring customers get the fairest exchange rate when purchasing.

In conclusion, DCC stands out as a powerful tool in global commerce, bringing advantages to both merchants and consumers. For merchants, DCC offers a chance to boost revenue, streamline operations, gain a competitive edge, and improve customer satisfaction—all without requiring significant infrastructure changes. Consumers appreciate transparency, convenience, and real-time expense visibility, which is especially beneficial for frequent business travellers. Additionally, DCC eliminates the risk of double conversion, ensuring customers consistently receive the fairest exchange rates.

Merchants must collaborate with reputable payment processors, and consumers should stay informed about the rates at the point of sale. By addressing consumer concerns and providing clear, fair, and transparent services, DCC has the potential to improve and enhance international transactions, making them more efficient and user-friendly. As global commerce continues to evolve, strategies like DCC will undoubtedly play a crucial role in simplifying and enhancing the experience for both retailers and consumers.

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By: Lee Jones (CEO of Worldline Merchant Services UK Ltd.)
Originally published at: Worldline

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