19 Jul 2018

How Airports Make Money

Airports are huge structures which are costly to construct and to maintain. So, how do

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12 Dec 2017

Why Airlines Will Get To Keep Hiding Baggage Fees?

Until a few days ago, a rule proposed under the Obama administration would force airlines

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01 Dec 2017

The Top 10 Airport In The World 2017

The Skytrax World Airport Awards are the most prestigious accolades for the airport industry voted

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06 Nov 2017

5 Ways Technology Will Make Air Travel Better

Airline technology company SITA says passengers should look forward to better flying, thanks to technology.

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04 Nov 2017

AR Glasses Are Giving Airport Ground Staff Superpowers On The Runway

The world’s best airport is getting an augmented reality upgrade. Passengers at Singapore’s Changi airport could soon

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01 Nov 2017

T4 Opening Significant As Changi Charts New Flight Path

SINGAPORE – The opening of Changi Airport Terminal 4 is a big deal for the

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29 Jun 2017

The Top 10 Airports You’ll Actually Love

Airport architecture has evolved to reflect the culture of our cities—and more energy-efficient design. With

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08 Jul 2016

Where The Sea Meets The Sky Is Not The Horizon

Airports need a lot of space, but in the places most in need of air

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14 Sep 2015

Why Traffic Will Cancel Christmas This Year

“If the mountain will not come to Mohamed, Mohamed must go to the mountain.” In

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06 Jul 2015

Why Singapore Is Making The Best Airport Obsolete

Airport and paradise are two words destined never to sit next to each other in

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18 Jun 2015

The Best City Scapes From The Skies

Flying into Queenstown has been voted the world’s most scenic airport approach – especially if

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21 Feb 2015

The Next-Generation Airport Is A Destination In Its Own Right

Why the new Indianapolis terminal will be a model for others to come. INDIANAPOLIS—Robert Chicas

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