06 Jun 2020

George Floyd And Black Lives Matter Protests: A Brief Timeline

Here is a summary of events in the on-going Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests.

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08 May 2020

Coronavirus Shopping Survey: 58 Million Americans Are Spending More Money While Social Distancing

To regain a sense of control during the pandemic, some Americans have resorted to shopping.

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27 Nov 2019

How Much Does A Thanksgiving Dinner Cost In 2019?

Are you the Thanksgiving dinner host this year? Wondering how much will your Thanksgiving grocery

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19 Jun 2018

Why Puerto Rico Is Not A US State

Nearly half of Americans don’t know that Puerto Ricans are US citizens. But they are,

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23 Apr 2018

How Is The United States Such A Powerful Superpower & Yet Americans Seem To Be So Stupid?

I mean, seriously, haven’t we all pondered this at one time or another – or

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11 Nov 2016

Trump Meets World’s Top 5 Challenges Or Vice Versa?

The election is finally over. It has resulted in the most stunning political upset in

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