18 Jun 2019

Aging Dogs: 6 Common Issues In Senior Dogs (And How to Treat Them)

Did you know that in 2017 there were about 89.7 million dogs that live in homes in

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17 Dec 2018

A Living, Breathing City Through Smart Technology

As cities become more congested – the United Nations estimate 70% of all humans will

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05 Nov 2018

Earth’s Wilderness Is Vanishing, & Just A Handful Of Nations Can Save It

Just 20 countries are home to 94% of the world’s remaining wilderness, excluding the high

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01 Aug 2018

How Cities Are Creating New Species

From the nut-cracking crows of Sendai to ‘Turdus urbanicus’ (the new urban blackbird), animals are

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29 Jun 2018

Cities Offer Hope For Saving Native Species

The rapid conversion of natural lands to cement-dominated urban centers is causing great losses in

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09 May 2018

From Drone Swarms To Tree Batteries, New Tech Is Revolutionising Ecology & Conservation

Understanding Earth’s species and ecosystems is a monumentally challenging scientific pursuit. But with the planet

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06 Dec 2017

Cities Are Literally Changing Animals

How cities are changing animals.   This feature is from The Verge.  

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20 Nov 2017

The World Is Poorly Designed. But Copying Nature Helps.

In 1989, Japan’s Shinkansen Bullet Train had a problem. It was really fast, pushing 170

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09 May 2016

How Feral Comes To Life With These Surreal Stories

In 1845, so the legend goes, an unclothed girl was spotted running on all fours

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03 Feb 2016

Why We Have Ruined Nature In Cities Too Much

The federal environment and acting cities minister, Greg Hunt, on Tuesday pledged to increase the

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04 Feb 2015

The Urban Jungle, Animals In Cities

Half the world’s people live in cities – but urban environments have just a 10th

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31 Jan 2015

City Animals Evolving With Bigger Brains

Evolutionary biologists have come to recognise humans as a tremendous evolutionary force. In hospitals, we

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