29 Oct 2019

Hong Kong Protesters Shouldn’t Pin Hopes On Outsiders To Solve Their Impasse With Beijing

The decision by the US House of Representatives to pass legislation tightening up the scrutiny

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24 Aug 2018

Clean Air Is Now A Status Symbol In The World’s Most Polluted Cities

The Cordis hotel in Shanghai boasts proximity to railways and the airport, a beautiful pool,

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04 Dec 2015

Top 13 Essential Beijing Experiences

For most travelers, a visit to Beijing evokes visions of The Great Wall of China.

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12 Nov 2015

$14.3 Billion In A Day : Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Stats

“Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. logged a record 91.2 billion yuan ($14.3 billion) in sales on

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09 Sep 2015

How China’s Cities Can Curb Car Congestion

A century of car-centric urban development has left our cities polluted, congested and searching for

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12 Mar 2015

Using Beijing Subway Makes You Smarter, Literally

Riders can stop playing Angry Birds and download something a bit more enriching. On the

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19 Feb 2015

Beijing To Add Four More Metro Lines

Officials in Beijing have laid out plans to continue their program of rapid expansion of

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