24 Aug 2018

Clean Air Is Now A Status Symbol In The World’s Most Polluted Cities

The Cordis hotel in Shanghai boasts proximity to railways and the airport, a beautiful pool,

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04 Dec 2015

Top 13 Essential Beijing Experiences

For most travelers, a visit to Beijing evokes visions of The Great Wall of China.

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12 Nov 2015

$14.3 Billion In A Day : Alibaba’s Singles’ Day Stats

“Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. logged a record 91.2 billion yuan ($14.3 billion) in sales on

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09 Sep 2015

How China’s Cities Can Curb Car Congestion

A century of car-centric urban development has left our cities polluted, congested and searching for

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12 Mar 2015

Using Beijing Subway Makes You Smarter, Literally

Riders can stop playing Angry Birds and download something a bit more enriching. On the

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19 Feb 2015

Beijing To Add Four More Metro Lines

Officials in Beijing have laid out plans to continue their program of rapid expansion of

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