Top 10 Life-Changing Benefits Of Regular Cycling

Cycling regularly can give you more than you think. There is more to cycling than just being a way to commute. These 10 benefits will convince you to start riding your bike around — or even beyond — your neighbourhood.

1. Better commutes 

You don’t have to worry too much about parking spaces with bicycles. Not to mention, car parking is expensive. There are no waiting times just like when you choose to get a cab or ride a bus. You pretty much ride and breeze through the busy streets. You get to have a cool breeze to feel and the nature to look at as you ride, too.

2. Healthier mental state

Like with other forms of exercise, cycling release endorphins which make you handle stress and pain better. With this, there is less likelihood of mental disorders such as depression.

3. Better cardiovascular function

As with other exercises, cycling speeds up your heartbeat. This is a way to exercise your heart and make it healthier in the long run. Studies have shown that those with regular exercise have a better cardiovascular function than those who are relatively sedentary throughout the day.

4. Lower vulnerability & better immunity

Cycling can serve as a supplementary treatment to health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes. It has also been found that it reduces the risk of developing heart disease and cancer. Mild exercises such as cycling can also improve our respiratory system as well as our immune system.

5. Heightened navigation skills

By cycling, you are actively involving yourself in navigating not only the main roads where cars usually go through but also the smaller streets. With this, cycling can give you a more detailed map of the city. Of course, your sense of direction will naturally improve in the process as you get to experience the streets and the environment closely.

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6. It is helpful to the environment

There are no emissions involved when using the bicycle. It also saves a lot of space since they are not as big as cars. Imagine if more people are encouraged to use bikes: not only would there be less of that dreadful smog in the streets, the traffic congestion will also be alleviated.

7. Better sleep quality

Physical activities such as cycling will tire our bodies out. This facilitates sleeping. You get to enjoy the nature, be in the office on time, be healthy, and even get a good night’s sleep — that’s definitely a steal right there.

8. Weight loss

Sleep dysfunction causes weight gain as people grow older. With an improved quality of sleep, you are protected against this. At the same time, this can also facilitate weight loss if you have an appropriate diet to pair cycling with.

9. Increased energy

Regularly partaking in physical activities will boost your stamina and endurance. Along with improved mental well-being, you will become more enthusiastic to try out other physical activities and to go outdoors.

10. More friends

There are most likely cycling groups in your city that you can join in. If there are none, you can also encourage your friends to join you. With regular cycling, you take the opportunity to expand and fortify your social circles.

So what are you waiting for? Start cycling now and get to experience these benefits for yourself!

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