15 Nov 2019

Urban Unrest Propels Global Wave Of Protests

Numerous anti-government protests have paralyzed cities across the globe for months, from La Paz, Bolivia,

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12 Nov 2019

Are We Witnessing The Rise Of A New Terrorist Trend?

Manifestos and livestreaming seem to be the new trend in radical right terrorist attacks. Halle

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17 Sep 2019

The Most Surveilled Cities In The World

There are times that you feel like you’re being watched. If you are in these

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23 Jun 2019

Violent Crime Is Like Infectious Disease – And We Know How To Stop It Spreading

Headlines scream about “epidemics” of shootings and stabbings – but what if we took that

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10 Sep 2018

Don’t Demonise Beggars. It Won’t Solve The Problem Of Homelessness

People do not choose to end up on the streets. Only by treating them as

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04 Jul 2018

Two Things To Know About Crime Rates In The US

Violent crime in the US dropped by about half since the 1990s. But why? In

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26 Jun 2018

Why Peace Walls & Other Social Frontiers Can Breed Crime & Conflict In Cities

In several cities across Northern Ireland, so-called “peace walls” mark the boundaries between Catholic and

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04 Jun 2018

Here’s How Data Could Make Our Cities Safer

Across Europe, fast-growing cities and city regions are increasingly confronted with urban violence from extremists

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08 May 2018

Air Pollution Increases Crime In Cities – Here’s How

The impact of air pollution on human health is well-documented. We know that exposure to

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02 Jul 2015

Cities Redefining What A Safe City Is

“Urban safety isn’t just about avoiding muggings. Sanitation, immigration and even air-traffic control all matter

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02 May 2015

Urban Environment Design And Bad Guys

Whose job is it to prevent crime? The police? The courts? Certainly. However, I’d argue

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09 Apr 2015

Gunshots In New York? It’s Being Watched (Or Heard).

New York City is the latest city to implement gunshot detection system ShotSpotter, on a trial

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28 Jan 2015

Are Crime Cameras Really Worth the Money?

In May 2010, a 30-year-old Pakistani-American drove his Nissan Pathfinder into one of the most

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