05 Jan 2018

Top 10 Cities In U.S. To Get Fit And Healthy In 2018

The most popular New Year’s resolution for 2017 was to get healthy, according to data from Twitter.

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05 Jul 2016

Who Ever Said Playgrounds Are Just For The Young?

Cities around the world have been designing outdoor gyms and play areas for older generations

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02 Mar 2016

15 Destinations To Inspire Your Next Runner’s High

For traveling fitness enthusiasts, sneaking in a jog while sightseeing is a treat of sorts.

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21 Jul 2015

How Can A City Measure Its Happiness?

At one time, questionnaires about well-being were the province of mental health professionals. But in

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07 Jul 2015

Enjoy The Fun Of Wild Swimming In The City

With David Walliams leading the way and plans for a floating lido on the Thames,

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22 Jun 2015

Wearables Are Not As Good As They Seem To Be

You no longer have to look to science fiction to find the cyborg. We are

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15 Jun 2015

Get Yourself Fit In These 10 Cities

Samir Becic 4 times Number 1 Fitness Trainer in the world and his Health Fitness

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