07 Jul 2020

7 Fast Food Chains That Prevent Food Waste Through Donation

According to studies, a single restaurant can waste around 25,000 to 75,000 pounds of food

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09 Jun 2020

7 Interesting Facts About Rubbish

Unfortunately, whatever we do as humans these days tends to produce some kind of waste

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10 Jul 2019

Eight Ways To Halt A Global Food Crisis

There are serious challenges to global food supply everywhere we look. Intensive use of fertilisers

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13 Oct 2016

Denmark Capitalizes On Culture To Stop Food Waste

Nobody fights food waste like the Danes. Over a recent five-year period, Denmark slashed its

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06 Apr 2016

America Is So Wasteful, Time To Use It To Its Advantage

A few cities are using leftovers to power buses and buildings. Americans funnel 40 percent

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23 Feb 2016

Food Waste Is A Shame! A Huge Shame! Good Thing We Have These 12.

We all heard our mothers say it when we were young, “Don’t waste your food,”

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14 Jan 2016

How Philly Made An All-In Bet On In-Sink Disposals

A trashy plan to create good gas. Between an in-sink garbage disposal and heaping food

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24 Jun 2015

How French Supermarkets Shared Goodwill To People

Legislation barring stores from spoiling and throwing away food is aimed at tackling epidemic of

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