15 Apr 2020

A Year After The Fire, Coronavirus Stalls Notre-Dame’s Rebirth

On 15 April 2019, a fire broke out in the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, reducing

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11 Sep 2019

The Impact Of Immigration On EU Countries’ Nationalistic Sentiments

From the United Kingdom to Italy, Austria, and other European countries, recent elections have shown

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03 Jun 2019

‘World Heritage’ site selection is Eurocentric – and that shapes which historic places get love and money

The April 2019 fire that engulfed France’s Notre Dame Cathedral, in Paris, led to an

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15 May 2019

A Month After The Fire: Rebuilding The Notre-Dame Cathedral

It’s been a month since the Notre Dame cathedral was razed by flames last April

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19 Apr 2019

Notre Dame: How A Rebuilt Cathedral Could Be Just As Wonderful

The destruction of Notre Dame cathedral is lamentable. A wonderful icon has been largely destroyed

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17 Apr 2019

Why Are We So Moved By The Plight Of The Notre Dame?

Scrolling through news of the Notre Dame fire on social media feeds was like watching

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16 Apr 2019

Why Notre Dame Matters

Notre Dame is on fire, and its spire has fallen. As of Monday afternoon, we

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12 Nov 2018

How Did The First World War Start?

The causes of the Great War are still being debated a century on, but time

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27 Aug 2018

Torpedoing Africa, And Then Complaining About ‘Migration’

European countries are still shaping the lives of millions of Africans, determining both their present

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16 Jul 2018

France Produces The Most World Cup Players. Here’s Why.

French-born players are competing for national teams from Europe, Africa, and South America. Fifty players

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11 Jun 2018

What Each Of The G7 Countries Wants, And What They Need

With many of the Trump administration’s recent decisions running directly counter to the other members’

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13 Jan 2017

The World’s First Long Distance Telegraph Was Not The Telegraph

Smoke signals and beacons have been used to relay messages over short distances since ancient

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16 Nov 2015

How Paris Attacks May (Not) Change The Fight Against IS

The brutal, co-ordinated attacks in Paris show that Islamic State (IS) retains its potency abroad.

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07 Jul 2015

Why The Right Stuff Matters Most To Win The Tour De France

The Tour de France is the world’s most famous cycling competition, and not just for

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24 Jun 2015

How French Supermarkets Shared Goodwill To People

Legislation barring stores from spoiling and throwing away food is aimed at tackling epidemic of

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16 May 2015

13 Things The World Needs To Thank Paris For

Paris has been through a lot in the past few days, months, years, and centuries

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29 Apr 2015

Paris : Modern Classic Views

1 – Louvre Museum   2 – Paris Kiss   3 – Vintage Citroën Car

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01 Apr 2015

Green Rooftops From Toronto, To Switzerland, Melbourne, France, And Beyond

Every little bit counts when it comes to caring for the environment. Reusing, recycling, and

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31 Mar 2015

10 Towering Facts About The Eiffel Tower

This towering iron-lattice tower is no doubt one of the most iconic symbols of Paris

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27 Mar 2015

Georges-Eugène Haussmann : Arrondissments & Boulevards

Paris, dubbed the ‘The City of Light’ (“La Ville Lumière”), one of the most beautiful

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27 Mar 2015

Secret Libraries Of Paris

From majestic medieval towers and chandelier-lined 17th-century reading rooms, to medical collections that will make

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