14 Nov 2019

12 Simple Ways You Can Reduce Bushfire Risk To Older Homes

Seventy-five years of Australian research into how houses respond to bushfire has identified 21 main

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07 Mar 2018

Life Imitating Art, Architectures Imitating Nature

“These biomimetic designs reflect the natural world.” Architects have long been inspired by nature. Evidence

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03 Apr 2017

Sleep Among The Trees Beneath The Stars In These Hotels

Think tree houses are just rickety pieces of lumber crafted into backyard forts for kids?

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24 Aug 2015

Why Millennials Will Soon Leave The Cities They Remade

Officials in several cities transformed by young adults try to predict their next move. For

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21 May 2015

These 10 Sliced Houses Are Residential Architectural Illusions

From suburbs to children’s toys, the iconic image of the simple five-sided section of a

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29 Jan 2015

Homes In Unexpected Places

Iwan Baan is a renowed Dutch architectural photographer. In his TED talk, he shows us how

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