How Technology Is Taking Sports Betting To The Next Level

Over the past couple of decades, the way in which sport is consumed has changed dramatically.

As recently as the early 2000’s, access to sporting events was limited and as a result the sports betting industry was restricted to acquiring custom through high street stores.

Across the globe, the development of convenience-based technology has improved all of our lives and the sports betting industry is one of the technology boom.

Sports betting enthusiasts have never had such a wealth of betting options at their disposal and the number of online sportsbooks available to bettors is continually growing.

The notion of betting on sport has never been so in vogue and as a result the advancements in innovation are helping to take the holistic sports betting experience to the next level.


Having access to every thinkable commodity is a hallmark of the 21st century and sports betting has never been so convenient.

With sportsbooks offering betting options on markets all over the world, all at the few touches of a button, punters have never been able to access so many sports betting opportunities.

This level of convenience can, of course, be a pitfall however, with sports betting not always resulting in a profitable experience. But for those in the know, being able to take advantage of all the sports betting tools at their disposal can be highly profitable.

App Innovation

Using apps has become an integral part of everybody’s daily life and in the sports betting industry, they are a staple.

Every sportsbook out there is looking to find the sleekest, most user-friendly app to give the consumer the best possible experience when betting.

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From instant notifications across a variety of sports, all the way through to offering the best odds available on every match, the innovations within the sports betting app market are showing no signs of slowing.

Live Streaming

It is hard to believe that only a decade or so ago, sports fans were restricted to only watching the content television providers put out.

Nowadays, all of the major bookmakers offer live streaming options through their websites and apps – allowing punters to watch pretty much any game, anytime, anywhere.

And for sports betting fans, this completes the experience as not only do they get to lay money on the outcome of a certain fixture, but they get to watch the action unfold too.

In-Play Betting

Huge developments in technology has also seen the way in which punters place their bets change massively in recent years.

Traditional betting means of picking a winner before the match/fixture has started are still popular, but in-play betting has emerged as the market-leading betting trend. Being able to bet on the outcome of a particular game as the action is unfolding is a sports betting innovation that has changed the face of sports punting forever.

Bookmaker Offers

Every sportsbook is chasing custom and that demand for new punters is hugely beneficial for those looking to maximise their sports betting wins.

New and existing customers are rewarded monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily with innovative new offers to enhance the sports betting experience.

Most of the major bookmakers also offer their customers a best odds guaranteed, which ensures that players get the very best prices available to them – on every bet they place.

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In addition, there have never been more opportunities for punters to access in-depth knowledge and betting tips across a range of sports.

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