24 Aug 2015

Why Millennials Will Soon Leave The Cities They Remade

Officials in several cities transformed by young adults try to predict their next move. For

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25 Jun 2015

Why Using Straw For Housing Material Makes Sense

Straw is cheap, good for the environment and an excellent insulator. So why don’t we

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25 Jun 2015

Housing Cost Myth Of New York City

New York City consists of over 325 neighborhoods. But few New Yorkers include more than

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13 Jun 2015

From Shanty To Swanky : The Wildly Differing Prices Of Property In Mumbai

Danish Siddiqui’s photographs document the huge disparity in the price of finding somewhere to live

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09 Jun 2015

Why The Future Looks Smaller


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02 Jun 2015

How 3D-Printing Cities Can Be The Future

Hailed as a housing solution for slums and a rapid response to disaster-stricken communities, 3D-printed

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15 May 2015

Are tiny homes the next big thing for cities?

As urban populations swell, as the number of singles increases — and as city officials

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09 May 2015

Model Village Lessons

  Visiting a new settlement planned on utopian principles during my travels through France this

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20 Apr 2015

James A. White Sr. : The Little Problem I Had Renting A House

Fifty-three years ago, James A. White Sr. joined the US Air Force. But as an

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08 Apr 2015

Desert Dwellings : Egypt Fights Housing Crisis

Egypt is in the throes of a severe housing shortage, with people so desperate for

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10 Mar 2015

20 US Cities With The Fastest Rising Rents

A Trulia.com analysis of rental prices in US includes a roster of cities with the highest

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24 Feb 2015

The Fading Distinction Between City And Suburb

As high-income people return to cities and urban neighbourhoods, they bring much of their suburban

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19 Feb 2015

Inside Hong Kong’s Public Housing Estates

Photographer Cheuk-ning Chung captures the neighbourhood feel of government-owned housing in one of the densest

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16 Feb 2015

Alastair Parvin: Architecture For The People By The People

Designer Alastair Parvin presents a simple but provocative idea: what if, instead of architects creating

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06 Feb 2015

PAPER CITY – An Urban Story

UN-Habitat has launched “Paper City”, a stop-motion video animation portraying today’s urban challenges using a

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04 Feb 2015

Has the Time Come for Floating Cities?

From schools at sea to a city that perpetually sails the oceans, is climate change

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29 Jan 2015

The Micro-Dwellings of Hong Kong

Designers are working to make the city’s tiniest spaces liveable. Gary Chang, is a Hong Kong architect

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