02 Jul 2020

Why SpaceX Is A Game Changer For NASA

Apart from its recent history-setting feat, here’s another reason why SpaceX is valuable to NASA.

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27 May 2020

SpaceX Astronaut Launch: Here’s The Rocket Science It Must Get Right

Two NASA astronauts, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, will make history by travelling to the

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27 May 2020

SpaceX Reaches For Milestone In Spaceflight – A Private Company Launches Astronauts Into Orbit

On May 27, two American astronauts, Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley, are planning

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29 Jul 2019

50 Years After Apollo 11, Why Haven’t We Gone Back To The Moon?

Fifty years have passed since the first moon landing on July 20, 1969 by Apollo

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25 Jul 2019

Space Tourism: What’s In Store For Us

A few weeks ago, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that it will

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19 Jun 2019

How 3D-Printing Robots Will Get Mars Home-Ready For Our Arrival

NASA has tentative plans for a manned mission to Mars sometime in the 2030s. Between

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01 Jun 2018

NASA’s Building New Tools To Manage Water As Climate Dangers Grow

After an unusually dry winter, a late-season storm finally soaked California in early March, piling up

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19 Apr 2018

Why Getting Back To The Moon Is So Damn Hard

The $20 million Lunar X Prize was supposed to send startups into space. The cost

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08 Feb 2018

10 Ways You May Be Commuting In The Future

It is somewhat safe to say that, without transportation, we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. The

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14 Dec 2017

Three Enlightenment About Earth From Astronauts

“My first view of Earth happened a few seconds after launch,” says scientist Helen Sharman,

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21 Nov 2017

Asgardia: The World’s First ‘Space Nation’, Takes Flight

The world’s first “space nation” has taken flight. On November 12, Asgardia cemented its presence

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10 Aug 2017

Stunning Space Views Of National Parks You’ll Soon Enjoy

It might be hard to resist planning a trip to these parks once you see

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14 Dec 2016

8 Amazing Places You Can Visit ‘Mars’ on Earth

From the ends of the Earth to its subterranean depths, lavanauts, desertnauts, cavenauts, and aquanauts

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31 Oct 2016

How Will America’s Space Policy Fare Post-Election?

Space has barely registered in this year’s debate about who should be the next president,

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18 Oct 2016

Earth Is Speaking Back To Us With Alphabets!

In July 2012, while working on a story about wildfires, NASA’s science writer and social

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22 Apr 2016

The Top 30 Earth Selfies You Should See Now

On February 29, the NASA astronaut Scott Kelly turned over command of the International Space

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18 Mar 2016

Wow! Crops Can Surely Grow On Moon & Mars!

When and if colonists ever arrive on Mars, they’re going to need something to eat

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09 Mar 2016

Top 18 Plants For Fresh Air Proven In Outer Space

Houseplants do wonders for a house: they breathe new life to a room, add a

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26 Jan 2016

A Pavilion From Out Of This World Looks Like A Sea Shell

Brooklyn, NYC-based StudioKCA has constructed an interesting pavilion that reflects the trajectory of satellites orbiting

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18 Dec 2015

Discover 7 Incredible Weather Events & Its Causes

The weather might seem like it creates weeks of dreary, grey drizzle. But it can

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10 Jun 2015

The Proof Is In The Clouds

In a few weeks, you may get to see evidence the atmosphere is changing —

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22 Apr 2015

365 Days Of Earth CO2 Emissions

The gas that’s got Earth in a chokehold can be beautiful—in a damning sort of

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06 Feb 2015

Cities In Space?

After swingeing budget cuts at NASA, a loose agglomeration of private companies – including Elon

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