05 Jul 2018

Too Much Noise Really Stresses Birds Out

Birds exposed to noise pollution created by natural gas compressors show symptoms similar to those

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16 Jun 2016

A Most Haunting Sound Situation Between Canada & USA

The low rumbling that’s been reverberating in the Canadian city’s ears for six years is

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22 Sep 2015

The Sounds Of The City Reflects Its Culture And Integrity. What’s Yours?

Researchers at MIT are asking people to record the sounds of their streets, which can

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29 May 2015

Where To Find The Quietest Places

New data from National Park Service scientists shows that “most people live in environments where

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04 Mar 2015

How Can We Make Cities Quieter?

Noise is bad for our health. It is also endemic to city life. Designers to

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07 Feb 2015

Harnessing City Sounds For Better Urban Living

Counting cars, finding where shootings have occurred, and counting wildlife: all of this can be

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28 Jan 2015

The Science of Quieter Cities

Tired of listening to your neighbor’s shoes, the garbage truck, and the sound of car

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