10 Jun 2020

The Design Of Dissent: How City Public Spaces Can Make Or Break A Civil Protest

Depending on how it’s built, urban spaces have the power to mobilise or impede protests. 

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06 Jun 2020

George Floyd And Black Lives Matter Protests: A Brief Timeline

Here is a summary of events in the on-going Floyd and Black Lives Matter protests.

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02 Feb 2020

2019 Is The Year Of Democratic Setbacks And Popular Protests

The global 2019 Democracy Index score diminished from 5.48 in 2018 to 5.44 2019, according

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19 Nov 2019

Why Aren’t Americans Rising Up Like The People Of Chile And Lebanon?

With more Americans demanding an alternative to a system that doesn’t serve their needs, the

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15 Nov 2019

Urban Unrest Propels Global Wave Of Protests

Numerous anti-government protests have paralyzed cities across the globe for months, from La Paz, Bolivia,

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14 Nov 2019

The Joker to Guy Fawkes: Why Protesters Around The World Are Wearing The Same Masks

From Hong Kong to Chile and from Lebanon to Iraq, people around the world are

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11 Nov 2019

Environmental Stress Is Already Causing Death – This Chaos Map Shows Where

Over 12 days at the start of October 2019 eight people were killed, more than

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05 Nov 2019

The World Is In A Revolutionary Moment – How Can The Global Left Be A Serious Player?

We are living in an extraordinary moment in world history. This is a period of

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05 Nov 2019

Why Is Chile Protesting?

Chile has been known as one of the more stable countries in South America but

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24 Sep 2019

How The Youth-Led Climate Strikes Became A Global Mass Movement

It began as a call to action from a group of youth activists scattered across

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27 Aug 2019

Tech Is Fueling The Hong Kong Movement. Here’s How, And Why It’s A Huge Step For Freedom

Over the past two months, Hong Kong has roared into global headlines. Its seven million

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14 Aug 2019

How City Squares Can Be Public Places Of Protest Or Centres Of State Control

Today’s urban public spaces tend to represent governments and cities rather than people and citizens.

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13 Aug 2019

Hong Kong: Why The ‘One Country, Two Systems’ Model Is On Its Last Legs

Protest organisers in Hong Kong claim that nearly two million people, most clad in black

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14 Jun 2019

How Technology Is Shaping Creative Activism In The 21st Century

Two decades into the 21st century, one would expect all manner of “new and innovative”

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11 Jun 2019

What Does It Take For Activists To Get Your Attention?

Activists are small players in the struggle for attention, which is controlled largely by advertisers.

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05 Jun 2019

How Repression Can Fuel A Movement

This text is adapted from “The Paradox of Repression and Nonviolent Movements,” edited by Lester

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22 Apr 2019

Why Desperation Could Be The Key To Tackling Climate Change

Last October, something strange happened when the United Nations released a report saying we have

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13 Mar 2015

Blood On The Streets : The Violent History Of Public Squares

There may have been earlier public squares, yet the ancient Greeks with their agora, or

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