How To Avoid Pedestrian Accidents And Stay Safe On The Road

There are so many things to think about when you are walking on the road. You have to be aware of your surroundings, watch for cars and people, and stay off the sidewalk. It’s not always easy to do this, but it is crucial. The following article will give you some tips on how to avoid pedestrian accidents. Here is the list.

Cross at Crosswalks or Intersections

Whenever you need to cross a road, try and do it somewhere where there will be a crossing sign. This means there might be traffic lights for pedestrians or signs telling drivers when they should stop so people can walk across the street safely. The legal team from West Coast Trial Lawyers points out that not using pedestrian crossings is among the main causes of accidents which you must avoid at all costs. If there isn’t a place to cross, look for a spot where you can see drivers well or where they have more room to stop.

If it’s possible, try and make your way over near the corner of an intersection, so cars don’t need to turn to get around you. This makes it less likely that people will hit you because they won’t be changing lanes or turning at the same time. Be very careful when crossing a road and always look both ways before doing so, even on pedestrian crossings.

Always Be Predictable

Be predictable when you are walking on the road. That means that your movement and behavior need to match what is going on around you, so pay attention to everything all of the time. If a car starts speeding toward you from behind, for example, don’t suddenly change your direction.

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If you are walking on the sidewalk and walk over to see what is happening in an accident scene ahead of you, stay where people can see you, so they know that you aren’t trying to get around them or dart out into traffic. Being predictable makes it easier for drivers to avoid hitting pedestrians because they know what will happen and where the pedestrians are headed.

Walk on the Sidewalks, If Available

Most of the time, you’ll be better off walking on a sidewalk than in the street. Sidewalks are usually kept clear, and there is less traffic, so it’s safer for pedestrians to walk here if possible. If no sidewalks are available or they aren’t usable because they have been blocked or damaged by accidents or debris, then cross at an intersection or a corner. You’ll be safer if you can see what is happening around you instead of being in the middle of traffic where cars might hit you suddenly, even though they are trying to avoid hitting other people.

Avoid walking at night when it’s dark outside because there will likely be fewer drivers and pedestrians out, but also make sure you are extra visible because drivers can’t see pedestrians as well in the dark. 

Keep Alert at All Times

You have to pay attention all of the time while walking on a road or in traffic. You can’t let your mind wander because that makes it too easy for a car accident to happen. It’s essential not just when there is traffic but also if you’re going through an intersection where cars might be turning at any moment, and you need to watch out for them, so you don’t get hit.

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Always be aware of what is going on around you and keep your eyes open, even when it’s boring or there isn’t much traffic, because this means something could potentially happen that needs your attention. And if a car starts honking at you from behind, look ahead of the car to see what is going on, so you know if it’s trying to get your attention.

Be Visible


Drivers need to know where pedestrians are so they don’t hit them. It’s really easy for drivers not to see people walking or running along roads, especially when it’s dark outside. If you can wear bright clothing that makes you stand out in the night and put reflective tape on your backpack or other items, everyone can see you.

There are also reflective signs that you can put on your body which will reflect light from headlights and flash when the car is close by so they know where you are before it’s too late. These strips usually come in rolls with adhesive backing, so just cut off a strip and stick to clothing or shoelaces for extra visibility.

There are many ways to ensure your safety when you’re out walking on the road, but most of all, be aware of what is going around you and look before crossing roads or getting into traffic. Use these tips to stay safe and always keep your eyes open for anything that might happen.

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