07 Aug 2019

Top 5 Smart Cities You Need On Your Go-To List

Curious about what kind of technology cities of the future can offer? Ever wondered how

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13 Nov 2018

Top 5 Casinos In And Around Toronto

Toronto is one of the large areas in Canada that has a great night life

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07 Mar 2018

Top Breakthrough Technologies For 2018 : Sensing City

Numerous smart-city schemes have run into delays, dialed down their ambitious goals, or priced out

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15 Feb 2018

Can Canada Teach The Rest Of Us To Be Nicer

Every August my family embarks on that great American ritual: the road trip. And we

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16 Oct 2017

How Green Roofs Can Protect Our City From Flooding

Spring and summer 2017 have been among the wettest on record in eastern North America.

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12 Jun 2017

Why Do We Keep Building Depressingly Designed Cities?

Prof Colin Ellard was walking past the rows of new-build towers that dominate the west

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13 Oct 2016

Create To Regenerate : Cities Tap Into Talent For Urban Renewal

The creative industries – ranging from game development to architecture, media, design and the arts

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26 Jun 2015

What’s The Perfect Size For A City?

The world’s cities are sprawling over their boundaries, fragmenting into smaller parts run by competing

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01 Jun 2015

When Did Toronto Get So Cool?

“Clock-clock-clock-clock-KUHwhoomp!” That was the sound of the Biblio-Mat, a one-of-a-kind refrigerator-sized book vending machine, as

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30 May 2015

Toronto 2025: The Disappearing Three Cities

To get an idea of what of what Toronto might look like the next 10

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16 May 2015

Welcome To The New Toronto

By combining London’s diverse population, San Francisco’s neighbourhood feel and Auckland’s adrenaline-induced playfulness, the Canadian

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08 Apr 2015

From Dawn To Dusk : Timeslice Images Of Cities

Dan Marker-Moore, aka DANOR.ST, is an aerial photographer who captures awe-striking vistas from bi-planes, helicopters,

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06 Apr 2015

Big Apple. Big Cities. Big Data.

In mid-2011, New York found itself gripped by a series of horrible tragedies: Five people,

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06 Mar 2015

The World’s Safest Cities

Asian and European cities come out on top. At number 10, New York City is

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