17 Apr 2020

The Biggest Financial Contributors To The World Health Organization

With Trump announcing that the US will halt funding, China will be WHO’s biggest benefactor.

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07 Apr 2020

A Brief History Of The World Health Organization

The World Health Organization (WHO) began its operations 71 years ago today. Also during this

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11 Feb 2020

7 Dangerous Myths About Coronavirus Busted By The World Health Organization

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV / COVID-19) is definitely a valid source of concern. However,

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01 Feb 2020

WHO Declares Global Health Emergency Over Coronavirus: 4 Questions Answered

The World Health Organization reversed course on Jan. 30 and declared the coronavirus a “Public

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12 Sep 2019

UN And Facebook Collaborate To Address Deceptive Misinformation About Vaccines

Up to this day, misconceptions on vaccination are still prevalent. It doesn’t help that there

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10 Sep 2018

Flu Plane: Are We Really Ready For A Global Pandemic?

An Emirates airliner was quarantined at John F Kennedy International Airport on September 5 after several passengers

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05 Dec 2017

When We Harm The Environment, We’re Hurting Our Health

Our planet’s resources find themselves in a precarious situation. The very ideals and strengths that

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06 Mar 2017

Women’s Day Tribute: For These Girls, Danger Is a Way of Life

Poverty, violence, and cultural traditions oppress millions of girls around the world, but some are

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