How To Play Pokemon Sapphire

A sister version of Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire is one of the best Pokemon games you’ll ever come across. Interestingly enough, this game was also released at the same time as Ruby. However, unlike Ruby, in this version, the player will have to put in their efforts for capturing the legendary Pokemon Kyogre who will eventually bring back peace in their land. The game will ensure that the protagonist participates in Team Aqua, which the Magma Team in Ruby’s version. Interestingly enough, this game also comes with plenty of features like the double battles and contests that boost your fun and makes this game all the more enjoyable. Now, while the Pokemon game is usually a mobile-based one, you can always play it on your PC with the help of an Emulator. In the next couple of sections, we will discuss in detail about the ways in which you can use an Emulator to play this game.

Which Emulator To Choose?

While there are several emulators with excellent features and a wide range of functions, I’d recommend NDS emulator or Visual Boy Advance for the job. Both these emulators come with simple features, and you can end up downloading and playing the game even if you aren’t technically familiar.

What To Do Next?

Right after you’ve chosen the emulator, you can immediately download it by visiting the official website if the emulator. Since the emulators I’ve mentioned come with simple and easy to use features, operating and downloading the game won’t be that big of a hassle. All you need to do is visit the site, click the download option and wait for it to be downloaded. Once you’ve finally managed to download the game, try running and installing it by following the instructions that come to you in pop up boxes.

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Check If The Game Works

Once you’re done downloading Pokemon Sapphire on an Emulator, it is now time to check if the game is working. In order to do this, you will have to check Youtube videos and search the keywords Pokemon Sapphire Emulator’. You’ll find plenty of options there that doesn’t just detail the working mechanism but also inform you whether the game is being operated the way it should be. So check if the game works and start playing it right away to make the most of your Pokemon experience.

How To Control The Game?

Controlling the game on your Emulator is pretty easy if you’re aware of the nitty gritties. To start out, you have to understand the basic functions of the keys. For instance, the arrow keys denote movement, the enter key gives you an option to start, the space key lets you select the modes, the Z key works as the a’ button, the X key works as the b’ button, the S key works as the r’ button and the A key works as the I’ button. Once you know these functions, playing the game and working with it will be easier than ever.

Also, in case you’re looking to save your existing game, all you need to do is hover along the emulator screen and click the down arrow’ icon for saving the game. Alternatively, you can also use the up arrow’ icon for loading the game.

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