7 Ways To Travel The World Through Sea And Still Study Well

Traveling across the sea and studying at the same time sound unrealistic. All that comes to your mind when we think of traveling is fun and more fun. Some people don’t see the reason why travel when they are still in school. They would rather wait until they complete school.

But with a little planning and being innovative, this dream is absolutely achievable. You don’t have to keep your books away just because you are on tour. You can combine the two things and get them done with less time.

One of the reasons why traveling is important is because it opens up your mind and creates lifetime memories and what better way to achieve this than to explore and see the world through the sea as you study? Here are seven ways you can travel and study at the same time:

1. Ensure You Can Access Website

Many school programs have an online portal system or “blackboard” where the students can access all the relevant study resources material and course materials. Before you leave to ensure you can access the portal since it might be difficult to resolve such a problem while you are on the other side of the world.  Also, make sure you have a synced note or backup email handy with all your passwords in case of a lost suitcase.

2. Carry Your Assignment Timetable

This is very important. No need for working hard on a paper is due in two weeks and misses one that is due the following day. Prepare a study schedule you have to complete while away, giving priority to the urgent assignments and stick to it all through. Remember you can get an online tutor and pay for essayontime here any time you need one. Have in mind that traveling means you will be in several different time zone, thus being on track is crucial. A smartphone is a great tool that can help you with that. This way, you will have the time to enjoy going on a trip and still get to do your homework.

3. Get Reliable Internet Access

Choosing the best internet option can be a challenge mostly when traveling the world through the sea. You can want to use boat Wi-Fi, but it might be very unreliable; thus it’s advisable to invest in a portable wireless dongle before taking off. It’s the best option since it’s a convenient and portable connection tool. Also, a smartphone is a fantastic tool you need to travel with. It will act as the internet backup in case your laptop fails to operate as well as keeping track of the different time zones.

4. Carry A Charger, Notebooks, and Writing Materials

Although you may have access to textbooks, thesauruses, and dictionaries online, you will still need these materials to write research notes and ideas unless you are the type that keeps all their records on their computer, laptop or tablet.

5. Study Smart Not Hard

In your travel time, but you still need to be on track with your books. Give it a red hot go and then give yourself time to rest. You know yourself better- if you study better at 3 AM stick to that time, and once the sun comes up to get out there and explore.

6. Eat and Sleep Well

It could be your first time to travel through the sea, and you don’t want to miss any minute as you want to explore. At the same time, you are studying. Don’t be overwhelmed with all these – be at the top of the game by taking plenty of water, eating good food and getting proper sleep.

7. Have Fun

Even though you are traveling and studying at the same time, you will get enough time for everything; planning is the key. With proper planning, you will certainly have fun and clear your mind.

Take Away

To make your travelling goals to be the best in your lifetime, you can also consider hiring out a schooner together with a skipper (not unless you are qualified). The cost may be on the higher side, but you can gather some few friends to join in and share the expenses. Since the onboard accommodation is inclusive, three or four weeks navigating across the ocean will be a workable trip. Such a voyage work both ways to your benefits as you can study together and still have fun. Your productivity levels and organization skill will be on another level once you give yourself some times to explore and study in a whole new environment. It’s another excellent life lesson no one should miss. In recent times, nothing can hinder you from studying from wherever you are thanks to the new technology.


Contributed by Jeff Blaylock

Jeff is a marketing consultant and a travel writer, and he has been featured on several post and magazines. Having toured over 30 countries, he enjoys spending his time sharing the joy of traveling with others and seeking outdoor adventure.

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