Voice Search In 2019: Revolutionizing Search Engines

SEO has come a long way, and it is still evolving as we speak. One particular evolution of SEO that is making waves is voice search and a lot of people in the SEO consultant business from Utah to Ohio are finally incorporating this tool in their SEO strategies.

Voice search is a program that enables a person to look for anything he/she wants without having to use a keyboard to type in the keywords. Just by merely speaking to the built-in microphone of a smartphone or a laptop a person can ask Google to look for anything he needs.

Many SEO companies and consultants have begun to incorporate this method of searching in their portfolio because voice search should be a part of every entrepreneur’s SEO marketing strategy.

Changing the way we do things

Many individuals, despite the apparent benefits of voice search, choose not to use this tool in marketing their products or services all because they believe that searching the old-fashioned way, which means typing keywords in Google, is still the more preferred method by many. But statistics show that more and more people are starting to use voice search for more than just looking for the nearest Italian restaurant. A lot more people are relying on voice search or voice commands because of how fast and convenient it is to use these programs.

Imagine you’re driving across Utah and you happen to remember that there’s a place here that is often used in many Hollywood movies. Wouldn’t it be easier to speak to your phone and ask the name of the site you’re looking for instead of having to type in your question? Imagine you’re hosting a party in your house and you’re busy sprucing up your living room only to find out that you haven’t prepared any food for your guests. Wouldn’t it be easier to keep cleaning and speak into your phone and ask for the fastest food delivery service you can find?

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Voice search has made life easier for most of us, and we should make the most of this tool if we want to stay ahead in the digital world.

How is voice search SEO different

Many SEO consultants are now looking into incorporating voice search into helping their clients be more updated in the fight for search engine supremacy. What most people should know about voice search technology is that traditional SEO practices are very different from voice search SEO. A straightforward difference between traditional SEO and voice search SEO is the phrasing of keywords.

With traditional SEO experts in this field phrase their keywords based on what are the most used keywords in search engines. But with voice search SEO the way they phrase the keywords is more organic or natural and often in the form of a question.

Evolving with the times

Voice search or voice commands are now an integral part of how we search for things online or how we use our gadgets, and it is important that we take note of this and use this tool for our everyday lives.

Voice search is not just a fad that will soon go away. It has changed the way we live, and it will stay with us until something better comes along, although it is doubtful that future gadgets will have the capability to read our minds, which could be the next huge leap for technology.

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