Smart Gets Smarter: Innovations On Home Security Systems

The home security system has been a necessity in many houses nowadays. Research shows that houses that are not being secured with devices are more likely to be theft. Also, 90 percent of burglars admitted that they tend to target places with no signs of any security devices.

As a result, there is an increasing demand for home security devices. Most of the technology companies are competing to gain consumers’ attention and trust. They have been turning gadgets to be more intelligent, giving everyone more convenience. To be updated, we have listed here some of the recent innovations on home safety.

Remote Home Monitoring System

Under this system, if an intruder breaks in, an application can notify you through your smartphones or computers and can show you how the incident happens over the strategically monitoring cameras placed in your house. Sensors on windows and doors could detect break-ins, too.

This structure is a common type of home security system nowadays. These devices allow homeowners to monitor their houses from a distant, allowing them to remotely keep an eye to the insides and outsides of their places at any time. Other trusted people from certain tech companies could do 24/7 monitoring for you like that of ADT Security systems.

Smart Doorbells

Smart doorbells have unnoticeable little cameras in it that can give you a clear picture of what is in front of your doors. You can know right away who is at the door since an app will send you notifications on your phone. At the same time, you can watch this person on your phone.

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An ordinary camera on your door would not stop thieves from stealing your packages. However, a camera with a motion detector that would notify you if somebody is at the door can at least give you good justice.

Remote Garage Door Opener

This gadget allows you to open your garage doors when you are not at home. For instance, your mom is visiting you, but you are still driving. You can open the door while you are on the road. You will receive a notification that your garage door is open. This device could also serve as security since many intruders access garage to steal.

Smart Home Hub

These hubs, which are wired or wireless, have Internet of Things (IoT) initiative that could access doorbells, locks, lights, thermostats, smart plugs, security cameras, window sensors, garage door openers, door locks, and other appliances at home. It could be remotely controlled over a smartphone or manually automated at home.

Remote LED Home Lighting

If you are working late and your grandparents are at home, you could remotely lit your house for them with this system. It serves as a safety feature as well. If an unexpected someone intruded, you could turn on or turn off lights as if you are at home.

Access Code Home Lock

You do not need to bring keys anymore. Immediately access your house through punching your codes. These coded home locks have various combinations that allow for each customer’s desired settings. This is great for older people who are living alone.

Emergency Notification Necklace

This device provides immediate access to assistance. This accessory is vitally critical for physically incapable individuals, seniors, and pregnant women. They need to press a button in the necklace, then a qualified officer would assist them. Depending on the current situation, either police, firefighters, or ambulance would be immediately on its way afterward.

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Fall Detection Monitor

Almost similar to the emergency notification necklace, fall detection monitor notify other people about a detected fall, like imbalanced or passed out, of another person. This device is helpful for people who are needing medical monitoring.

Voice Activated Home Regulation System

A homeowner can turn off the water, adjust temperature settings, control appliances like smart televisions, check out cameras, and many more through voice activation. This could help you do multitasking.

Smart Appliances

These appliances will shut themselves off when they detect overheat caused by prolonged periods of use. Stuff like these could avoid accidents to happen, such as fire from unattended cooking by an older or a busy member of the family.

Automatic Security Gate

You might have seen this on television. These are those luxurious mansions’ gates without guards that do not open unless someone from the house opens them. Only rich people had these devices until recent years. This technology is becoming affordable, giving chances to ordinary individuals to view people who are attempting to access their properties and let guests in or out.


Many technology companies have been achieving significant milestones on home security systems. There were numerous improvements for the past few years. Surely, there will be more innovations that would make gadgets even better and smarter.

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