06 Aug 2020

The Beirut Blast Was Terrible – Nuclear Weapons Are Far, Far Worse

A new nuclear arms race is under way. The 75th anniversary of Hiroshima should make

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05 Aug 2020

Beirut Explosion: The Disaster Was Exceptional But Events Leading Up To It Were Not – Researchers

At the time of writing at least 100 people have lost their lives and a

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21 Jan 2020

Modern Security Solutions For Rapidly Growing Cities

68 percent of the world’s population will be living in urban areas by 2050, according

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04 Dec 2019

NATO And The EU: A Short History Of An Uneasy Relationship

In the face of growing security challenges to Europe, from an antagonistic Russia, to instability

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15 Jul 2019

Top 10 Most Peaceful Countries 2019

Which countries are the most peaceful? The Global Peace Index 2019 is here to answer

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28 May 2019

Smart Gets Smarter: Innovations On Home Security Systems

The home security system has been a necessity in many houses nowadays. Research shows that

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11 May 2019

Top 5 Secure Messaging Apps For The Tech-Savvy Urbanite

Whether it be day-to-day activities, spontaneous trips, work matters, or planned travels, a messaging app

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10 Dec 2018

Human Rights 70 Years On: Important Victories As Well As Major Misses

According to Amnesty International, human rights continue to deteriorate. CIVICUS – an umbrella body for

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07 Nov 2018

How To Protect Yourself When Making Payments Online

Are you planning to do your Christmas shopping online this year? More and more people

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23 Aug 2018

How Cybercrime Operates Like A Legitimate Industry

Cybercrime is an underground economy worth millions and millions of dollars. It’s organized, works like

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10 Apr 2018

Are Your Phone Camera & Microphone Spying On You?

Taping over the lens is just the first step in keeping online snoopers out of

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03 Nov 2017

When Artificial Intelligence Rules The City

When we think of the city of the future, we might think about flying cars and scenes

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08 Feb 2016

Top 10 Reasons That Prove America’s Cities Still Care

During the holiday season, we’re all reminded to give thanks for our blessings and hopefully

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25 Jan 2016

The Top 10 Reasons USA Is Becoming A Big Brother Society

In 1949, Eric Blair, known by the pen name of George Orwell, published 1984; a novel

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23 Oct 2015

How the Internet of Things Could Transform Public Services

Cars that can communicate with each other to avoid collisions. Thermostats that can be controlled

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14 Sep 2015

How Spokane Started A “Smart Bus System”

The new tracking system will give riders a sense of security for where the bus

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21 Jul 2015

Why eGovernment Has Such A Long Way To Go

The video accompanying this story was produced for NIC in support of its Innovation Nation

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21 Jul 2015

How Can A City Measure Its Happiness?

At one time, questionnaires about well-being were the province of mental health professionals. But in

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13 Jul 2015

Australia Could Become A Leader In Cybersecurity Research

Alex Zelinsky Chief Defence Scientist, Defence Science and Technology The national science and research priorities

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17 Jun 2015

Smart Alerting : Shelter From The Data Storm

Here’s a fundamental paradox of today’s massively connected IT systems: the more information available to

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04 Jun 2015

A Vulnerable City Is Not A Smart City

“Real world hacker” Cesar Cerrudo has blasted vendors, saying they’re stopping security researchers from testing

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29 May 2015

Would You Share Private Data For A Better City?

  In the 1950s, a decade after he outlined the theory of the Big Bang

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06 Mar 2015

The World’s Safest Cities

Asian and European cities come out on top. At number 10, New York City is

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