The Most Expensive Cities For Public Transport 2019

If you love commuting on your travels, then this might be bad news. These cities recorded the highest monthly ticket public transport costs this year.

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This ranking comes from the Deutsche Bank’s “Mapping the World’s Prices 2019,” an annual survey of global prices and living standards from cities and countries over the globe.

Worst in cost but not in improvement

At the top of the list is London. Since 2014, the city remains to be one of the most expensive when it comes to public transport but this doesn’t mean that public transport cost is worsening. In fact, the monthly ticket public transport cost in the city is in a constant decline. Back in 2014, the cost recorded soars at US$ 213.6. In 2018, this plummeted to US$ 196.5. This year, it went down to US$ 179.4. With a lot of ongoing projects and initiatives to improve public transport in London, despite its high cost, we can expect that it will all be worth it.

Down, down, down

At the 50th place is Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. Its monthly ticket cost in 2019 has the largest cumulative decrease at -52%. Back in 2014, the cost recorded was US$ 49.9. This reduced to US$ 39.2 last year. This year, it is down to US$ 24. Hong Kong and Singapore, two cities noted for their efficient public transport system, are at the 25th and 26th place respectively. Hong Kong at 25th place has a monthly ticket cost at US$ 67.2 while Singapore at 26th has US$66.7.

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Steady climb

In the other extreme, we have Dhaka, Bangladesh and Cairo, Egypt with an almost doubled increased in their monthly ticket cost. In 2014 Dhaka recorded a low US$ 12.7. Last year, it spiked to US$ 21.9. This year, it nearly doubled at US$ 40.9. Cairo, on the other hand, recorded US$ 13.4 in 2014, US$17.5 in 2018 and a jump of US$34.6 this year.

Pack your bags, we’re headed to Argentina

Argentina’s capital, Buenos Aires recorded the lowest monthly ticket public transport cost among the 55 cities included in the list. It also experienced a cumulative decline of -22%. In 2014, the monthly ticket cost was US$ 19.1. This went up to US$ 19.6. But this year, it shot down to US$ 15.3. Maybe it’s time to consider visiting this city in South America, especially if you like to use a lot of public transport.

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