How Studying For An MBA Provides Entry To Multinational Companies With A Regional Office

Working for smaller companies that operate locally is good stepping-stone but building a high-trajectory career while remaining in a smaller country is tougher. Some people realise that multinational companies with a country or regional office offer access to business being transacted globally – not just locally. Along with this increased exposure to bigger markets, employees who can interest larger companies have the potential to reach the upper management levels and beyond.

In this article, we consider how studying for higher qualifications provides more career prospects for people who go the extra mile.

Finding Talent Is Never Easy

For companies, especially multinational ones, trying to establish themselves in a new market and finding good local talent are two of the biggest challenges they face.

They need people who know the markets and already have the right connections to speed the way to getting a foothold there. Employing locals over transferring staff across from another country to open a local office is preferable in many cases because it will shortcut the time to get established and broker sensible deals with local suppliers.

Not every country has the depth of skilled workers required, especially at the management level needed for larger companies with major strategic goals to achieve in their first year. Indeed, it can be a struggle to find new hires who can deliver what they need at the level they require it.

Getting into the Driver’s Seat with Your Career

When setting sights on working for a large company that offers better remuneration and career prospects, it’s necessary to ask what will they require of you?

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In a situation where there’s too little real-world experience available through larger businesses in the country, then the next best thing is to take a business management degree. This will provide a well-rounded education but more than that it’s a qualification that combines business know-how with marketing prowess. This is useful because personal knowledge about how business is conducted locally can be combined with more standardised business practices covered in a business management degree distance learning course to form a complete picture.

The merging of the theory and the practical is essential because local markets often do business differently than in the U.S., Europe or elsewhere. This is exactly the sort of expertise that conglomerates are looking for in local recruits.

Other Relevant Work Experience

Companies also look for relevant work experience that is adaptable to their business situation.

For instance, someone who’s been a key player in helping to set up the infrastructure to run an e-commerce site or who’s been involved in the operation side including procuring supplies and negotiating contracts with local vendors demonstrates a wide range of useful skills that are directly applicable to a large operation.

Failing that, starting a small side hustle that makes use of similar skills that have relevance to larger companies can also demonstrate abilities and talents. This gets around an employer that’s not providing such opportunities presently. 

Studying for an MBA and getting business experience in relevant areas both have value to companies looking to make significant local hires. Positioning oneself well ahead of time makes it possible to take full advantage of future career opportunities as they present themselves.

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