Why Buying Refurbished Servers Is The Right Move For Your Startup

It’s no secret that startups fail for many reasons, such as launching products no one wants or flat out running out of money. While only good market research can tell you if a product has legs, you can do something about running out of money.

Good budgeting demands you select reasonably priced options, such as office space in a less swanky part of town. Take a pass on frills like foosball tables. One spot where lots of startups spend unnecessary amounts of money is on technology. 

While shiny new tech is always fun, buying refurbished tech can save you a bundle and still deliver on your needs. Let’s dig a little deeper and see why refurbished servers are the right choice for your startup.

1. You Can Still Get Reliable Performance

It’s common practice for businesses to replace their electronics every three years. This probably has a root in the oft-mentioned Moore’s Law, which holds that computer processing power will double every two years. Yet, the technical challenges make Moore’s law unstainable. 

As the rate of increased processor speeds slow, it means old hardware can still hold its own for far longer. In other words, there’s still life in those old servers. Odds are good that you can use them reliably unless your startup operates at the very cusp of new technology.

2. Reduced Cost

The exact cost a server will a lot depending on your specifications, but it can spiral as high as tens of thousands of dollars for new, high-end servers. Refurbished servers routinely come in at a fraction of new server prices.

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Plus, they routinely come with extended warranties. That means the company that sold you server must replace it if something fundamental fails in the hardware.

3. Better Customization

While new and refurbished servers offer customization options, refurbished servers often provide better options. New servers often use only parts from one supplier to meet licensing requirements. Refurbished servers can use whatever parts offer the best performance.

4. Faster Delivery

Even building to your specifications, companies that offer used servers routinely deliver faster. Many ship servers within one or two business days, rather than a week or more. That means you get up and running faster. 

5. Cuts Down on E-Waste

Even with electronics recycling regulations, electronic waste poses a serious problem. The recycling process is not a perfect one and some companies still look to ditch electronics into the regular landfill. Selecting refurbished servers means you keep viable electronics in productive use instead of contributing to the e-waste problem

Parting Thoughts on Buying Refurbished Servers for Your Startup

Buying refurbished servers provide you with several valuable advantages.

You get excellent performance and reliability at substantial cost reduction. You get improved customization options and faster delivery. You even do a little to cut down on the e-waste problem.

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