Natural Supplements To Stay Awake All Day Long

Most people experience a bout of drowsiness at some point during the day. For many people, this slump occurs in the middle of the afternoon. It can become hard to focus on work, a wave of fatigue washes over you and you find it hard to get through the rest of the day. In many instances, this daytime sleepiness can interrupt daily life. While there are a number of stimulants that you could use to perk yourself up, a natural method of staying awake all day is the most beneficial option. Read on to find out more about natural supplements that you can safely use to stay awake all day long.

What Causes This Daytime Fatigue?

While there are many reasons for fatigue, the most common include not getting enough sleep at night, not eating properly and not being able to shut your brain off at the end of the day. Sleep disorders are more common than you think. Insomnia is very common. It can occur each night or on occasion. Sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome and delayed sleep disorder are all factors that can contribute to your daytime fatigue.

Stay Awake Naturally

Pharmaceutical drugs can end up causing more harm than good when it comes to daytime fatigue. Here are some natural ways to help you stay awake.


The reason so many people drink coffee during the day, is because coffee helps to stimulate the nervous system in a way that keeps you wide awake. Caffeine has the ability to block adenosine, which is a chemical in our bodies that triggers fatigue. Consuming caffeine can be addicting, but using caffeine to stay awake is safe in moderation. Just be careful if it causes you to be jittery or anxious.

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Does Vitamin B12 Keep You Awake?

Many of the energy supplements that you can buy in stores contain vitamin B12. This is a vitamin that plays a very important part in your energy production. When you consume vitamin B12 in addition to what you’re getting from your diet, your blood cells will multiply, providing more oxygen to your body. This oxygen gives our bodies an energy boost. In addition to the B12, you can use a B-complex vitamin to reap the benefits of all the B vitamins. When working together, they will provide you with a boost of energy that will keep you going all day long.


Derived from the hemp plant, CBD helps balance your immune system and mental functions. There are many different ways that you can use CBD. This includes tinctures, capsules, edibles, teas, CBD-infused water, etc. There are no dangerous side effects associated with using CBD. It is non-habit forming and it does not contain any THC.


This is an herb that is native to the Mediterranean area. It can be used for centuries for a variety of issues, including balancing your cortisol levels. Cortisol is very much related to ongoing anxiety that can keep you up at night. It can also affect your hormone levels during the day; leaving you feeling exhausted around the mid-afternoon point.

If you’re looking for vitamins that keep you awake or healthy drinks that will help you stay awake, do plenty of research. There are so many natural options that you can use to promote better sleep, keep you energized all day long and reduce any stress or anxiety that you’re experiencing. If you are being treated for any medical conditions or are on any medication prescribed by your doctor, check with a medical professional to make sure that you can safely take a supplement without interactions.

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