How Online Therapy Is Helping Those Who Are Struggling Mental Health Issues During COVID-19 Lockdown

Now forced to stay in our homes, accessing mental health assistance takes on a new approach. 

As you look outside the window and see the empty streets, pace quickly from one grocery aisle to another, or stay inside your bedroom, the thought of how each passing second, the state of normalcy you have been used to is becoming more and more distant comes to mind.

Fear sets in. You worry about how we can no longer return to the previous state of things and how much uncertainty the future holds not only for you, but also for your friends, your family, and everyone else.

In these moments of vulnerability, you often seek help from your friends, your loved ones, or those trained to help you to ease your mind. Now that you need to stay inside your home in isolation, help appears to be out of reach.

Yet help isn’t as far away as you think.

You are in control

Your initial course of action begins within. You have full control over your actions, your thoughts, and your reactions towards those thoughts.

This is a good time to try reaching out to your loved ones, even just online. Checking how they are doing and also sharing personal struggles during this pandemic can help ease your worries. After all, you are not alone in this struggle.

This is also a good time to be in tune with yourself, your feelings, and your thoughts.

You can try out exercises like the three-minute breathing space typically employed in mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy (MBCT) programs. This is a quick way to keep yourself grounded and prevent being consumed by your worries. If you are able, taking time to meditate a few minutes or even hours can also help you calm your senses.

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Moreover, you should also ensure that you move around during the day since doing so facilitates the production of the stress-relieving hormones known as endorphins. There is no need for fancy equipment since there are activities that you can do in your home without buying new things.

Unavoidably, there are instances that it is difficult to be in control of your thoughts, especially when anxiety manages to take the front seat. When this happens, you might need more assistance and this is okay.

There are online counselling sessions, resources, and other pandemic support options that you can access within a few clicks if you need some more help.  If you need professional help, online counselling sessions and platforms can assist you in finding a counsellor who is a good match for you. They can provide different kinds of therapy to suit your needs as well.

Difficult times

This pandemic can only take so much away. It cannot eliminate your growth and everything you have learned. You can bounce back, you can withstand this difficulty, and soon enough, you can freely roam outside the vast world once more.

With everyone so far away, it seems like a hard task to place on your shoulders. Truly enough, it is — but not because it is difficult means it is not possible for you to accomplish.

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