4 Things You Can Do Today To Get Your House Summer Ready

With summer just around the corner and the prospect of being stuck at home still lingering for the foreseeable future, it seems natural that we should be looking towards getting our homes ready for the warmer weather.

Why Summer

There are plenty of articles and videos online giving tips on how to get your home ready for winter, but many people neglect the summer jobs, missing the fine weather along the way. After all, it’s much easier to do work that involves drying things (like new concrete, painting a deck) in the summer months, rather than the wetter and colder winter months.

Getting summer-ready isn’t just about buying a new hot tub and making sure the blinds are washed, it also means knowing how to keep your house cool. It involves planning and organizing repairs and ensuring your home is in the best condition through the months, putting you in an even better position when winter rolls around again.

Ready, Set, Go Fix!

Here are four ways you can make sure your house is summer-ready.

Roofing and Gutters

It’s amazing how much stuff can clog up gutters and drainpipes during the autumn months. In winter, other problems emerge such as water freezing and expanding in gaps, creating even more problems.

Take advantage of the finer weather by getting up and checking your roofing and guttering. Roofing is a job best left to the experts, and if you’re wondering how to find great professionals, check out this commercial roofing guide here.

Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced

Alongside the need for professional roofers is the need for professional servicing when it comes to other household necessities like boilers for heating, and air conditioners for cooling.

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While it’s possible to clean out the air conditioner yourself in many cases, it’s worth getting a full service before summer kicks in fully to keep your house cool and comfortable.

Do an Attic Assessment

The summer months can make an attic an unbearably hot place to spend any amount of time. Equally, winter could prove far too cold to be in the attic too. When the weather warms up slightly in the middle of spring, it’s worth just taking a quick peek up in your attic to see what’s occurring.

Check the insulation, check for any leaks or cracks, and of course, keep an eye out for unwelcome rodents!

Clean Up Your Yard

You’ll see that everyone wants to be outside when the sun finally makes a reappearance, so you won’t be alone when you decide to make an effort to clean up your yard!

Sweep and dispose of any leaves and twigs that have accumulated over winter, and don’t forget to check your decking and woodwork for weatherproofing. Just because it’s summer, it doesn’t mean the weather won’t take a turn for the worse. The last thing you want to see is your woodwork rotting because you didn’t apply an extra coat of sealant!

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