Frankfurt Beats London To Most Sustainable City Title

The Sustainable Cities Index report by Arcadis ranks cities on 20 indicators in five key areas: the economy, business, risk, infrastructure and finance. It also breaks the results down into three sub-indices – social, environmental and economic – which combine to provide a ranking of each city’s overall sustainability.

Click on the tabs at the top of the chart below to see how cities performed in each category.

The least sustainable cities according to the index were some of the fastest growing in Asia, with Jakarta 45th, Manila 46th, Mumbai 47th, Wuhan 48th and New Delhi 49th. Nairobi was 50th.

But the report warned that in many global cities, environmental and economic achievements came at a cost to cities’ social performance. Amsterdam struck the best balance globally, with a relatively consistent ranking in all three sub-incides.

The 50 cities were chosen to give wide geographical coverage and varied levels of economic development, expectations of future growth and sustainability challenges.


This feature originally appeared in The Guardian.

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