Why Women Should Consider Investing In A Pair Of Country Footwear

More often than not, country style is associated with cowboys riding horses or maintaining a ranch. This overall country look is often characterized by plaids, rugged jeans, and of course, leather boots. More than the aesthetics, however, this style is functional, making it easier for the people to work on their ranches or farms while ensuring that they are properly protected with what they are wearing. But even ladies can emulate this fashion style, particularly through the shoes that they wear. In line with this, below are some of the reasons why women should consider investing in a good pair of country footwear.


One of the main reasons why women should invest in a good pair of country-styled footwear is because of its durability. These shoes are often made from leather materials which can generally outlive shoes that are created from synthetic materials. High-quality leather also can withstand a demanding work environment, as well as unfavorable weather conditions.

Because of the durability of genuine leather shoes, they are worth every single penny that you spend. Sure enough, you may be put off by the price that you have to pay on the upfront because these shoes can be quite expensive, but when you find that your pair lasts you for several years, you will realize that your shoes saved you some money. Come to think of it, buying a pair of shoes made from genuine leather is cheaper than buying a couple of pairs of shoes made from synthetic materials.

Extra Protection

Another reason why you should invest in a pair of genuine leather country boots is because of the extra protection that it can provide to your feet. While it will not be able to provide you with the protection that steel-toe footwear can give you, boots made from authentic leather is enough to make your feet safe from hot liquids or small falling objects. This will prove to be beneficial, particularly if you work in an active environment where hazards are inevitable.

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Aside from this, country footwear, which is generally made from leather is water-resistant, particularly when you treat it or wax it. Thus, these kinds of shoes will guarantee that your feet remain dry while ensuring that there is not much damage to your shoes. You can use this to your advantage, particularly during rainy or snowy days, where it can be quite difficult to keep your feet warm and dry.

Additionally, you won’t have a hard time cleaning footwear made from leather materials because it is a low-maintenance material. Usually, all it takes to clean your shoes is wiping them with a damp cloth with mild soap detergent. After this, you just need to let them dry. Just keep in mind to clean your shoes at least once a month for its longevity. There is a great chance that it will be more difficult to clean later on if dust and dirt have already accumulated.


Compared with other types of shoes, country-styled footwear made from leather is more comfortable to wear. The reason behind this is that the leather material will seamlessly mold to the shape of your foot, which gives it extra support and a better fit. This can be attributed to the fact that leather material is highly flexible, stretching to the natural shape of your feet without forming any damage.

While a better fit already provides ultimate comfort, leather materials are also breathable, which enhances the pleasant condition of your feet all the more. Because your shoes let air in, it is less likely for your feet to be sweaty and to smell because it remains cool and dry. This makes leather boots a great option, particularly if you need to wear them for a longer duration.


Another great reason to invest in a pair of country-styled shoes is the undeniable fact that it is stylish. Since these shoes are usually made from genuine leather, you will never go wrong in pairing them with any outfit that you please. The collection of Ariat country footwear includes knee-high leather boots specifically designed for women which you can wear with jeans or even a floral maxi dress. Rest assured that you will find a variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to get your hands on the hue that suits your taste.

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Leather material can instantly make your footwear look luxurious because it is sleek and shiny. For this reason, you will find that country-style shoes are classic and timeless. You will be able to wear it on casual days, as well as on more formal occasions, making them a wise investment. Because of this, in the end, you may even end up owning a couple of pairs rather than settling for a single one.


Since country footwear is often made from leather, then you are sure that for every purchase of this type of shoes, you are being kinder to the environment. The reason behind this is that leather is a natural material that doesn’t entail the need for any harmful chemicals for its production. This is in contrast to the production of synthetic fibers and fabrics which prove to be damaging to the environment. If you opt for leather shoes, you are contributing to minimizing the pollution both from its production, as well as in waste generation. In terms of the latter, leather is biodegradable, such that you won’t be harming the environment should you wish to dispose of your shoes after a long period of usage.

To wrap things up, women should consider investing in a good pair of country footwear because of the durability of these leather-made knee-high boots. This type of footwear also offers extra protection as well as a comfort fit. The best part is that these are also stylish, such that you will surely find it effortless to pair them with any outfit that you choose. If you don’t have a pair of country-style footwear yet, perhaps this is the perfect time for you to go and get one.

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