Sustainable Pet Ownership: 6 Ways To Make It Possible

Since the climate crisis has brought to mainstream consciousness and everyday conversations different topics like sustainability, more people realize that every human activity gives off carbon emissions. These emissions primarily come from the food industry, fashion industry, traveling by air, and even owning pets. Yes, you read it right: even owning pets have some adverse environmental impacts.

How to Become an Eco-friendly Pet Owner

Most people want to lessen their carbon footprint in the hopes of curbing the climate crisis. These days, it’s pretty common to support eco-friendly products, sustainable fashion, green traveling, and more. When it comes to owning pets, the good news is that there are many things you can do to lessen the carbon emissions of pet ownership. This news means that you can take care of your dogs, cats, and other pets without feeling any guilt. Here are some things you can do:

1. Use environment-friendly poo bags and cat litter.

Pets are adorable and fun to have around that even when they poo and pee in the living room; you will still love them. When they’re potty-trained, then there are lesser things for you to worry about, except for the waste that plastic poo bags and cat litter make.

Unfortunately, you may have saved your floor and carpet from any pet accidents, but using cat litter and poo bags pile up in landfills everywhere. So if you’re wondering what the proper solution is for this problem, don’t worry, as you can switch to compostable poo bags and eco-friendly cat litter with lesser environmental impacts. If you can also bury your pets’ poop in your backyard, then it will also help.

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2. Use eco-friendly pet shampoo.

Yes, even the shampoo that you use to give your pets a bath could also harm the environment. You might think the only problem with bathing them is that their fur clogs up your drainage badly that you might need to call plumbing experts, but the chemicals from the shampoo you use end up in the river and oceans. The good news is that there are alternatives to the shampoo you usually use. Yes, you guessed it: eco-friendly pet shampoo.

3. Adopt, don’t shop.

One of the most popular mottos of animal lovers and animal rights organizations is “adopt, don’t shop,” to encourage people to rescue animals off the streets and shelters instead of paying a lot of money for pets with breeds. Not only will adopting pets give them a better life, but you will also lower the demands for pets that are raised by backyard breeders who aren’t practicing eco-friendly ways and humane ways of raising them. Please consider adopting instead, whether you’re getting your first pet or a company for your current ones. They are just as lovely and adorable, maybe even more, since they will be eternally grateful for you rescuing and adopting them.

4. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Yes, you can also do the 3R rule in pet ownership to lessen your carbon footprint. Of course, you want the best life for your pets, and you want to spoil them with the best toys. So instead of buying new ones, consider making your own or even repair the big ones they have gnawed on. They won’t know the difference, and they will just be as happy they have something new to chew on.

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5. Give your pets a healthier diet.

Veganism is another big trend that has amassed a significant following as it became common knowledge how the meat industry is releasing a massive amount of carbon emissions. Unfortunately, feeding your pets a plant-based diet isn’t ideal as they are carnivores by nature. You can use eco-friendly pet food brands or avoid giving them beef products since it is the meat that has the most emissions. Besides saving the environment, you could also be giving your pets healthier diets.

6. Walk your dogs instead of driving them.

Dogs are pets that require you to walk them at least twice a day to release their energy and do their business. So when you need to go out, you should walk them when it’s that time of the day. Another alternative would be to ride your bike with them. Whatever you choose to do, they will surely enjoy it as long as they get their daily dose of exercise with you.

Good Boys and Girls for the Future

If your pets could speak, they would tell you that they fully support your lifestyle change to make them become eco-friendly, good boys and girls. Don’t forget to give them some treats after.

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