How To Protect Your Cars From Harsh Weather Conditions

Protecting and preserving your car from harsh weather conditions is a must, especially if you’re the type who likes to keep your prized possession looking as good as new. So, if you have a car, you need to know how to protect your cars from harsh weather conditions.

01. Garage

Your garage should be your first line of defense against the harsh weather. However, if you don’t have a garage, then you should at least make sure that your car is parked away from strong winds and sunny spots where it can get heated up under the sun. Before going out for a drive, check if there are any leaks in the roof or walls of your garage, as well as cracks in its foundation. If possible, store all of your outdoor items indoors to keep them safe from harsh weather conditions. Also inspect your flooring – it should be clean and dry, so water won’t pool around the area where you park your cars. In case there’s a leak somewhere near your parking space, put down some absorbent materials such as oil dry to keep the moisture away from your car’s paint. You can also get a 2 car garage, which is great with keeping your cars safe in harsh conditions, if you have a few. This is especially helpful in places where there is much snow during the winter, to protect your cars from harsh weather conditions.

02. Tires

Tires are one of the most important parts of a vehicle because it is what keeps you moving. If you want to protect your cars from harsh weather conditions, look after its tires by checking them regularly for wear and tear. Replace the worn out ones with new ones so that your car can handle any kind of uneven terrain during bad weather without having to worry about tire failure. When you buy new tires, make sure they have the right type and grade (speed rating) as recommended by your car’s manufacturer and your local authority on road safety – if not, then they will fail when push comes to shove in heavy rain, snow or icy conditions. Also make sure the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure as this plays a major part in how your car handles – an underinflated tire will wear out more quickly, so it won’t have enough traction to grip on ice and snow while an overinflated one could burst because of too much stress on the sidewall area.

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03. Fluids

As a car owner, it’s important to maintain your vehicle’s fluids and lubricants because these keep the engine working smoothly. In fact, according to the RACQ, low levels of engine oil will cause your car’s engine to wear out faster, which can lead to more significant damage. Make sure that you check the oil level every other time you visit a gas station. If it has been a long time since you last changed your car’s oil filter and/or drained old oil from its crankcase, then make an appointment with an auto service center as soon as possible – this is particularly significant if you live in a place where there is harsh weather, such as Alaska or Canada where winter brings freezing temperatures which could damage your engine if not taken care of properly. Also, since batteries are crucial for keeping electrical systems running when it starts getting cold outside, be sure to keep them topped up with distilled water during winter. At the same time, inspect your coolant level and top it up if necessary – this is another crucial part of keeping your car running smoothly even in extreme temperatures, so there won’t be any overheating problems.

04. Windows and Wipers

Your windows and wipers also play a crucial role when it comes to protecting your car from harsh weather conditions, as these allow you to see clearly through fog or rain, as well as clear away dirt from your windshield. For instance, if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain during summer such as Malaysia, then you should consider switching over to summer wiper blades which are able to better withstand the elements – their rubber is softer and will not freeze up in certain conditions. This way, the blades won’t have trouble wiping away water from your windshield when it rains, so you can keep a better lookout for other cars on the road moving in snowy or wet conditions. Also, having good windshield wipers is important if there’s a car warranty which specifies that they should be of certain quality – many people have been burned by this scam when buying used cars! Another thing to check on: make sure all windows go up and down easily and without any problems such as cracks or chips (which may prevent them from closing completely).

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05. Seats and safety

In addition to the windshield, make sure the other windows in your car are clean as well because you need to see clearly through all of them, so you can drive safely even in extreme weather conditions. The upholstery should also be replaced if it shows major signs of damage because ripped fabric won’t only look bad, but it could lead to further damage such as mold growth during summer months when the temperature rises high enough that your car becomes a greenhouse. Take care of this part before winter starts! Finally, don’t forget about safety gear… for obvious reasons. For instance, use proper snow chains which are easy to put on and remove quickly – they might not work for everyone depending on what type or model of tire your car has (spikes vs smooth metal edges), but should you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with snow up to your knees, they might be a lifesaver. It also doesn’t hurt to add a car evacuation kit to your trunk in case you get stuck somewhere or stranded during winter months when there is a lot of snow. 


So, while there is no way to stop winter from coming, it’s possible to prepare your car for the harsh weather conditions ahead by checking up on its fluids and making sure that everything is in working order before a snowstorm hits. Protecting your car from harsh weather conditions is an important thing, so use our tips and tricks in order to make this coming winter a lot easier and smoother on the road.

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