What’s So Super About The Super Bowl!

Sports is a pure form of therapy, whether you’re watching it, playing it, or discussing it. One such championship that wins football lovers’ hearts globally is the Super Bowl. So let’s have a look at the factors that make it exhilarating.

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The Super Bowl is a great championship for players, teams, fans, and everyone directly or indirectly connected. Super Bowl fans take this excitement to the next level and bet on Super Bowl after evaluating Super Bowl odds to experience the ultimate thrill. So, keep reading to know what’s so super about the Super Bowl!

What is the Super Bowl?

Fans wait all year long for this playoff championship which comes in action every second Sunday of February. The National Football League (NFL) has thirty-two teams which are equally divided between American Football Conference (AFC) and National Football League (NFC). 

In matches divided evenly throughout the year, each conference competes with its team for a single winner from both conferences. Finally, every year after a long schedule of matches, the final winner of the AFC and NFC competes for the Super Bowl championship. 

What Makes it so Special?

The Super Bowl is typically a sentiment for football fans all over the world. After the Christmas holidays, this season becomes another reason for celebrations. It’s a kind of unofficial holiday where family, friends, and loved ones vacate their schedules to watch the ultimate annual championship.

It’s the highest level of professional American football in the world, and ever since its debut in 1967, it has ruled the hearts of football fans. Every person cheers for their favorite players and teams with tremendous dedication. All these things make it really SUPER!

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It Withholds the era of Introduction of Technology

Television sets made their debut in American homes in 1955. Around 1967 there were colored TVs, and most people had one in their homes. With the launch of the Super Bowl in the same year, its popularity rose significantly. Now, NFL football and its technology have the most robust tech, but it all started with TV. It set up a wave of love at that time.

Lastly, it Echoes Patriotism

Immediately after the Super Bowl started, the NFL changed and wrapped itself in the American flag. It gave huge respect to the US military and patriotism. As a result, Pete Rozelle, a World War II veteran and the league’s commissioner at the moment, scheduled the foremost military flyover during the 1968 Super Bowl. 

Also, In 1970, the halftime performance featured a drama of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans between US and British troops. All these sentiments, history, and spirit of the game make it SUPER!

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