5 Reasons Why Businesses Need Email Verification Tools

If you run a business, you probably know email marketing can help you a great deal. If you create and retain an email list, you can reach out to clients whenever you feel the need.

You might tell former clients that you’ll give them an exclusive coupon if they haven’t bought anything from you in a while. You can let them know about sales that might interest them. Maybe you’ll tell them you’ll give them a discounted item if they refer new clients to you.

If you want to retain an email list for marketing purposes, you should also have email verification tools handy. Certain companies make and provide those tools, so let’s discuss why your company needs one.

You Can Tell Whether You Need to Purge an Email from Your List

If you verify an email is active before outreach, that means you won’t send a message to an inactive account. Doing that wastes time. Sending emails to inactive accounts won’t generate new sales, and ultimately, that’s what you want from your email marketing efforts.

If you don’t use one of these tools to verify an email’s authenticity, you might send emails to dozens or even hundreds of individuals you think will get through, but none of them will. You might experience frustration if your efforts don’t produce many conversions. A simple email authenticity check can avoid that and allows you to use other means to generate new prospects.

You Can Avoid Too Many Bounces

Sometimes, if you have someone sign up for an email marketing list, they will type in their email incorrectly. That typo means no matter how many promotional emails you send to that person, they will not receive any of them.

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If someone signs up for your email marketing list, that means your products or services interest them. They want to engage with you, but that typo might not allow them to do that.

If you check each email’s authenticity, you reduce your email marketing bounce rate. You want to get that bounce rate as low as possible, and checking your email list frequently using one of these tools allows you to do that.

You Can Find Any Dormant Emails

When you use the correct email marketing list checking tool, you can determine whether someone uses that email regularly. Maybe they signed up for your email marketing list quite some time ago. At the time, they used that email. Now, perhaps they’ve gone to a different one.

If you determine through one of these tools that this person never checks that email anymore, you’ll know to strike that address from the list. A shorter list isn’t a bad thing if you know you’re only sending your marketing and promotional efforts to active accounts.

You Can Improve Your Open Rate

You can use the right email marketing tool to see how many people actually open the emails you send. If you’ve got a low open rate, that could mean that person no longer uses that email address. It might also mean your emails end up in their spam folder, so the recipient never looks at them.

Having only active email accounts on your list should allow you to secure a better open rate. The more people open these emails, the more individuals will engage with them. 

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Opening your marketing emails often leads to site visits and conversions. You can check into that by purging emails from the list that the recipient never opens.

You Can Improve Your Sender Reputation

With marketing, you can use all kinds of metrics to figure out how well you’re doing. For instance, you might look at how many people visit your website or download your app to their phones. You can look at your shopping cart abandonment rate, or you might look at how many repeat customers you get.

With email marketing, you should look at a metric that those in this niche call your sender reputation. Your sender reputation includes how many people open your emails and how many conversions come from those who open them.

If you have a poor sender reputation, using an email list with many faulty or inactive emails might cause that. Improving your sender reputation means you’re getting more money back when you launch your marketing campaigns.

If you hire someone to look at your marketing’s effectiveness, they’ll want to know about your email sender reputation. A dependable email verification tool can help you in this regard.

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