13 May 2019

4 Essential Cloud Collaboration Tools For Your Remote Office

70% of employees work remotely at least once a week, which has caused a shift

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08 Mar 2018

Top Breakthrough Technologies For 2018 : AI For Everybody

Artificial intelligence has so far been mainly the plaything of big tech companies like Amazon,

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26 Jan 2018

Smart Cities That Are Bastions For Tech Jobs, 2018

 Smart city growth is at a tipping point, and there are plenty of jobs

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08 Dec 2017

Ambient AI Is About To Devour The Software Industry

Amazon has casually unveiled what could turn into a fundamentally different way to build software. At its AWS

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18 Jun 2015

Why Cloud Computing Is Ugly, But Clouds Are Sublime

Hey, that cloud looks like a baobab tree! And that one over there looks like

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10 Jun 2015

The Proof Is In The Clouds

In a few weeks, you may get to see evidence the atmosphere is changing —

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20 May 2015

The Cloud Cities Where Urban Automation Is A Reality

Remote storage, big data and the Internet of Things are often discussed separately, but together

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