25 Oct 2019

As The Climate Changes, Architects And Engineers Need To Design Buildings Differently

In the past seven years, four major disasters have caused serious disruptions in the Northeast

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05 Mar 2019

Titanium, For The Safe And Sustainable Modern City

City skylines are often dominated by concrete, steel and glass, but underneath, titanium often provides

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27 Aug 2018

What Would It Take To Build A Tower As High As Outer Space?

The human desire to create ever bigger and more impressive structures is insatiable. The pyramids

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30 Jul 2018

The World’s 18 Strangest Bridges

Some bridges are engineered with nothing but utility in mind—for these, aesthetic design is secondary

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26 Jul 2018

10 Of The World’s Longest Bridges Of Various Types

If you ever find yourself in Hunan, China, rent a car and drive the Jishou-Chadong

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23 Jul 2018

The Fungus That Could Patch Up Cracking Buildings

What if concrete could heal itself from the inside out? AS CONCRETE BUILDINGS AGE, THEY

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12 Jul 2018

The World’s 30 Most Impressive Bridges

From old stone spans to sweeping modern suspensions, bridges have a way of wowing us.

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11 Jul 2018

How Would Engineers Build The Golden Gate Bridge Today?

Ever since the Golden Gate Bridge opened to traffic on May 27, 1937, it’s been

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10 Jul 2018

Why Do Bridges Collapse?

Bridge collapses are often tragic, but are also fascinating for bridge engineers as they usually

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10 Nov 2015

World Science Day : Leading For A Sustainable Future

Science for a Sustainable Future Science will be essential to reach many of the goals

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25 Aug 2015

Top Notch Talent? Head Over To Top Notch Countries!

New data from LinkedIn shows certain professionals are moving away from countries like India and

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04 Jun 2015

How High Can You Build A Skyscraper?

“What will be the world’s tallest building is actually shorter than originally planned. What’s stopping

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18 Mar 2015

Building For Earthquake Resilience

Base isolation is seismic engineering’s equivalent of seatbelts in cars – and maybe more: it’s

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17 Feb 2015

Concrete Building Material May Not Be As Concrete As We Think

Climate change may cause reinforced concrete structures to deteriorate quicker than expected, a new study

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06 Feb 2015

Cities In Space?

After swingeing budget cuts at NASA, a loose agglomeration of private companies – including Elon

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