04 Dec 2019

At 70, Is NATO Still Important? 5 Essential Reads

As the NATO summit begins in London on Dec. 3, it brings together leaders of

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02 Jul 2018

Should States Have Their Own Foreign Policy?

A new paper raises crucial legal and political questions about states having their own foreign

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05 Jun 2018

New Zealand’s Pacific Reset : Strategic Anxieties About Rising China

China’s expanding influence is complicating strategic calculations throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Small states, dependent on

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25 Jan 2018

Never Mind Brexit, Or Even Europe. The Future Is Eurasian.

In this new age, the notion that Europeans are special – that a wall separates

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27 Oct 2017

The Eagle, The Lion & The Dragon: Singapore’s Future In The Age Of Trump

Caught between an ascendent China and an increasingly unreliable United States, Singapore’s diplomatic future is

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11 Nov 2016

Trump Meets World’s Top 5 Challenges Or Vice Versa?

The election is finally over. It has resulted in the most stunning political upset in

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