15 Oct 2019

Surveying Archaeologists Across The Globe Reveals Deeper And More Widespread Roots Of The Human Age, The Anthropocene

Examples of how human societies are changing the planet abound – from building roads and

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15 Oct 2018

Here Are The Real Boundaries Of American Metropolises, Decided By An Algorithm

How is the U.S. actually split geographically? When we think about where we live, usually our

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20 Sep 2018

Multidimensional Maps That Provide New Perspectives On New York City

The world’s most mapped city, as you’ve never seen it before. THE UPPER EAST SIDE

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05 Sep 2018

Our Changing Views Of The City: A New Urban Celebration

The celebration of the city today is widespread. Globally, many cities have fulfilled Louis Wirth’s prophesy

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16 Jan 2017

The Future Of The Cloud And Data Centers Are Found In A Bakery

We live in a data-driven world. From social media to smart cities to the internet

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02 Dec 2016

The U.S. Has New Mega-Regions And It Challenges Daily Commutes

As economic centers grow in size and importance, determining their boundaries has become more crucial.

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04 Nov 2016

Which City Do You Think Is More Dense: Paris Or New York City?

It’s not just because they’re old. Which city do you think is more dense: Paris

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18 Jul 2016

How The Tech Geography In The US Is Not Just Silicon Valley

They’re not all based in New York and San Francisco. Most mayors, economic developers, and

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20 Mar 2015

From Brutalism To Borgen To Blogging: How The Language Of Cities Has Changed

Do you speak urbanism? The way we read and write in the language of cities

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05 Feb 2015

London’s Near-2000 Year History Mapped

Researchers at UCL’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis collated vast datasets to map the capital’s

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