27 May 2020

Space Exploration Is Still The Brightest Hope-Bringer We Have

I am one of the few African-American aerospace engineers who helped design the Apollo spaceships

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02 Jul 2019

A Step Closer To Living In Mars? Here’s The Winner Of NASA’s Mars Habitat Challenge

We humans have always been fascinated by space exploration. In the past years, there have

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19 Jun 2019

How 3D-Printing Robots Will Get Mars Home-Ready For Our Arrival

NASA has tentative plans for a manned mission to Mars sometime in the 2030s. Between

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08 Feb 2018

10 Ways You May Be Commuting In The Future

It is somewhat safe to say that, without transportation, we wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. The

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07 Feb 2018

Why SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Launch May Be A Game-Changer

The successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk’s SpaceX is significant for

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14 Dec 2016

8 Amazing Places You Can Visit ‘Mars’ on Earth

From the ends of the Earth to its subterranean depths, lavanauts, desertnauts, cavenauts, and aquanauts

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13 Oct 2016

Space Trekking: What The Future Holds For Interplanetary Travel

Is interplanetary travel possible? — It has been talked about and dreamt of before by

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18 Mar 2016

Wow! Crops Can Surely Grow On Moon & Mars!

When and if colonists ever arrive on Mars, they’re going to need something to eat

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06 Feb 2015

Cities In Space?

After swingeing budget cuts at NASA, a loose agglomeration of private companies – including Elon

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